Sail Life - Cleats installed & engine problems - DIY sailboat project

Publicerades den 27 sep 2020
This week I installed six new cleats aboard my 38 ft sailboat and found an issue with the engine / saildrive. Thank you so much to @SV Impavidus for the comment a few weeks back to check the isolation between the engine and the saildrive. I include a screenshot of the comment in the video but just noticed it didn't render. Here's a link to SV Impavidus:
00:00 Intro
00:11 Finishing paint job
02:18 Lifting the boat to move the keel supports
03:00 Removing the tarps from the tent
03:40 Checking for electrical connection (saildrive - engine)
08:08 Supports for raw water strainer
09:24 Installing cleats
13:21 Lifting the engine
15:32 Plastic parts out
16:21 Engine control cable mistake
17:32 Next week
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