Sail Life - LED lights in the saloon - DIY sailboat project

Publicerades den 22 nov 2020
This week I put up LED lights aboard my 38 ft sailboat. I also order the wrong size plug for the shorepower inlet - d'oh!
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00:00 Introduction
01:22 Shore power cable
04:45 Drilling holes for lights
07:33 Wiring the lights
11:35 Installing the lights
13:00 Testing the lights in the dark
13:39 Quick peek at next weeks project
15:15 CYA!

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  • putting solder on the ends of the wires is called 'tining' them which seems like a good replacement for 'tinned wire'

  • Some LEDs, often cheap ones made for cars, emit radio energy as an unintended by product. This might impact your GPS and VHF radio. You might want to confirm the bi=ulbs you bought don't impact your radio receivers. A dimmer might also do that - worth a check.

  • 0:10 It's hard to believe that I've been watching your movies week after week for so long :) Greetings

  • Can you share a link to the specific LED light bulb you chose?

  • Hi Guy, Just want to share our experince with having towel heators in toilet and bathroom. And also I can recoment floor heating.

  • Hej Mads. Jeg skal til at skifte rigtig mange halogenpærer i vores nyindkøbte båd, og ville gerne vide hvor du havde købt dine G4 LED pærer?

  • 10:48 Tinning is one of those topics where people can not reach a consensus. Not tinning has the disadvantages you mentioned. Tinning makes the conductor more brittle, especially at the location where it suddenly changes from tinned to not tinned. So they can break under stress, where stranded wires would not. And if they're Wago 221s, they basically do not care what you stuff inside. Stranded, single solid core, tinned, crimp tips, you name it.

  • Great video

  • Sorry to hear your sick.... Get well we will wait for your work to continue.

  • Get well soon, Mads.

  • Are you better Mads? Hope you recover soon 🙂

  • She looks fantastic!

  • Missed my weekly dose of sail life hope everything is ok

  • Get well soon, all your followers are thinking of you.

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  • Hey do i miss somthing? But were are you? I hope you are fine and everything is okay white you

  • Dear Mads, trust you are well, or if not, recovering. No doubt lots of folks out here missed your vlog this week (which is not a problem) but hope you are ok in these difficult times.

  • does anyone know where Mads is?????? no episode this week?????

    • Usually he lets us know, but completely silent all week is a bit worrying. I hope all is well.

  • No update this week, I hope everything is ok!

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  • Dec 1st. Did I miss yesterdays Vid? Just checking to make sure you are ok. Don't make me come over there!

  • Yes Dave my thoughts as well also hope all is ok.

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  • Hope you get well soon

  • There’s no need to tin the wires for six inches of wire

  • Hey are you ok ? Yes I am used to the Sunday videos ;-)

  • Where have you gone, Mads?

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    • I hear no video this week because he is sick.

  • Mads! No video on Sunday. You okay buddy?

  • Hey are you okay? Did I miss that you would skip a week or are is there’s something wrong? Be safe!

    • @James Hansen he said on facebook " Sorry guys! No video this week. I'm sick and wasn't able to finish the video. I hope to see you next Sunday 🙂 Stay safe!"

    • What happened to november 29th session??? Hope all is well . In Michigan we need a little boat news to keep our sanity....

  • where is Mads this week? I hope all is well with him. Missing my weekly DIY fix.

    • He's sick, according to his Facebook =) Get well, Mads!

  • so where was this weeks video??

  • Get well soon, Mads. Stop abusing electrical plugs.

  • I see you are sick hope its not to up and take care of your self.

  • Where are Mads ?

  • Mads, all good? I came back here to see of there wasnt going to be a video this week(which is next week in the video I'm commenting on). Hopefully all is well and it's just a connection issue over there. 🙂

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  • Hi Mads, I started watching your Videos with my girlfriend some weeks ago and we really enjoy your Videos of Athenas refit. Is there a possibility that there are a lot of videos missing in the playlist of refitting Athena? Could only find the videos in the playlist “all videos”. There are big leaps in time in the refitting playlist. Cheers

  • Please, I have heard you do this before and resisted, but, in English, the 'l' in 'solder' is silent. It's pronounced like "sodder." English, go figure.

    • @russell Who would have thought that somebody on the internet would take things out of context and try to put words in somebody else's mouth.

    • @Chas P Thanks for your measured reply made in the same spirit as my comment. I have heard English and Indian colleagues speak this word, but they must have been Americanizing it. The most obvious example of the difference between British and American pronunciation of the same word I always think of is "colonel" (and not "aluminum" which is a completely different word for the same material).

    • Jeff maybe go and learn English ! how dare you say that! Can you speak fluent Danish?

    • Only in parts of America do they pronounce it sodder everywhere else the correct way go figure

    • Im English and never heard It pronounced sodder

  • Does anyone have a contact for those spiffy “work>it” sawhorse legs I saw on an earlier video?

  • Happy Thanksgiving

  • Mads: You didn't pay enough for that shore plug. Had you bought the $300 plug, it would have worked better. You know, like cell phones...NOT! (Lol...)

  • Super!

  • Mads : What brand is your wire stripper?

  • Friend, there are already about six videos which do not have the translation option ... as you will find out, there are several of your followers, we do not speak English ... you think it would be possible to correct this error for the next video

  • Hello, Mads! Nice lighting. But I strongly recommend not to use such dimmer. You may think, that you can not notice this strobes, but your brain surely does. LEDs are very fast to switch between on and off, not like slow halogen bulbs. And on the long run it influences your eyes and makes you uncomfortable. The same is about computer monitors, best of them have eye care non-flicker technology.

  • You made this boat look soo nice since you started working on her.

  • Use the topping lift to raise the boom, it doesn't have to be horizontal.

  • Another fantastic video. At 14:28 in this video There's a Stainless steel support going to the cabin roof. Did you install It and if so what video? I'm thinking of doing the same thing on my boat.Thank you.

  • Hi , I have always used a hand held steamer to remove creases from leather, it will save you from buying more leather

  • Just a thought, A steam iron on low would probably get rid of the creese in the leather at the fold? I used a foam backed leather for my headliner and gives a very warm feeling as has a nicer feel and look to it. Boat is looking great.

  • Red LED lights for night running or are they going to be a separate system.

  • The screws wont bite if you dont use some solder and tint your wire first.

  • Hi Mads, if you unfold the headliner material and roll it around a cardboard tube like it was originally, the creases will probably disappear over time.

  • For 32A hook up supply you should have at least 2.5mm 3 core cable. Also the blue plug is for 240v, yellow for 110v, red for 3phaze 415v and neutral; or it was when I was an electrician and I'm sure that hasn't changed. You can always get the US plug and swap over when you get there, as you will be there for a while.

  • décevant plus aucun sous titre

  • Tinning the wires is the right thing to do!

  • No problem, surely you can get your doll hairs back from uncle bumble fork.

  • What ya did is called tinning the wires, not soldering.

  • Tinning or soldering the ends of electrical wire will help keep the corrosion from forming on the surface of bare copper wire which will increase resistance in a junction and will lead to voltage drops and an increase in heat in the wire. It also prevents the wire ends from having loose strands sticking out that can short out to an adjacent terminal. It can also add a softer layer on the wire into which a tightened screw or a pressure tang can get a better grip on the wire and hold the connection better (as you found out)! Oddly enough that is NOT required by our ABYC as a regulation for boat wiring like requiring only stranded wire is, but it should be and makes perfect sense. Following legal codes in marine construction may be a requirement in some countries for insurance companies to cover your boat.

  • You are supposed to put crimp connectors on the end of the wires not put bare wires into the plug.

  • fun one! Maybe consider fake suede headliner (Alcantara) for it's soft touch and moisture diffusing abilities. ?

  • and the 32A cable has a 32A european plug on the end, you need a 16A plug , did you remember to order the 32A to 16A cable ? else the 32A plug wont fit the 16A power pedestal on the dock ;)

  • Cut the 'barrel' off of a crimp connector and remove the insulation. Crimp it onto the end of your wire and then you'll have enough metal to tighten the screws on. Moving up to the proper 32 amp wire and plug may solve that problem...For the 'un-tinned' wires, get a tube of 'Di-electric Grease' and squeeze some into each connection. It will exclude moisture and oxygen, preventing corrosion...

  • nothing beats wago. I've tried sugar cube terminals, screw on terminals, crimp terminals, solder, bus bars, the works. Permanent or temporary, if you can use wago then use wago. They have their limits but the same clamp works with both tiny and real thick gauge wire, they are rated for loads of amps, ac and dc and you can make the most compact plus and minus busses with the large ones - great behind cramped instrument panels. There is no other connector that will get the job done without at least some swearing.

  • Frankly it is a great idea to solder and yes eletrical Eng 37yr and there is and will be zero issues especially with the di Ele grease...Mads !!!!! Great work you do your home work Fairwinds from the @captains.chair

  • Go faster stripes make everything better!

  • When I was in the military we were taught to add solder to the ends of the wire for protection. Guess what they called it "tinned". I think you are good.

  • Hi Mads ! Just one stupid question about dimmer and LED bulbs : did you buy specific bulbs to use them with a dimmer or any LED bulbs could be used with a dimmer ? I would be very pleased to add a dimmer to adjust my 6 LED in my boat. Congrats and thanks for your weekly video. Xavier

  • Mads, you mentioned coming to the US, that cable wont work here. You will need an L5 30A, or at least an adapter.

  • Thought that if you were going to spend a lot of time in cold places, incandescent lights would be better because of the extra heat they'd produce?

  • You need to fill up the scrum swim lanes on your project board. I really enjoyed seeing projects move from todo to doing to done. Oddly satisfying.

  • I think you should use a ferrule on the cord before you screw it to the plug

  • You are fluent in danish, english and nerd.

  • Mads what's the name of the brand for that wire stripper. Been looking for a good one for years

  • Mads- Looks awesome! PLEASE remember to clean the flux core residue off of the tinned ends; the flux in the solder will cause the wires to corrode over a short time if left in place.

  • Hey man, you're brilliant! The way you're explaining your doings will definitely Others doings their own refit 🙂

  • People complaining about solder don't know how to solder.

  • Hi Mads! (You do make SO few mistakes that it seems unreal, so don't feel bad!) Check out BlueSeaSystems' App "Circuit Wizard". It takes a whole bunch of important things into consideration when estimating the right cauge for electric wires! (Temp, n:o of wires in a cable, duration of active use etc) Especially useful when designing high amp main distribution. It also gives you the right fuse/breaker for each system/subsystem, which is great. I just love the app. For LED lights (and the like) however, the distance and amps are quite sufficient.

  • The Sail Life logo has been red since the beginning .. I think your go fast stripe should be red, then if you decide to do your logo as well.. it would match... That's my 2 cents and worth about as much.. She's your baby and you have done an awesome job making your own decisions.

  • Mads, I think what you did there by folding over then end of the wire is standard practice. When I fit out my shed recently my electrician did this to every spot the wires got clamped down. First he would strip off more than he needed, then twist the wire to introduce a tight spiral, cut to about 20mm then fold in half

    • I should just add I’m not an electrician myself, it’s just what I noticed

  • You don't speak any time about your fiance Ava, what's happened?

  • Your face is simply beaming with excitement for the lighting. Good to see you so happy.

  • What's that heater at 13:51? Doesn't look like the DIY boiler. Or should there have been a boiler alert?

  • Loving the lighting. Another milestone achieved!

  • For $71, you should use ferrules over the wires to make a tight pressure connection with the set screws. They make a better connection that not get loose and increase your chance of hot connections and a fire. Set screw connections do not mate well with finely stranded wire. Worrying about Voltage drop with LED lamps? You must be using too small of a wire. LOL But soldering your wires is a good precaution.

  • 71 dollars? just be glad you didnt have to buy a 50Amp Hubble plug

  • Cool light!!!

  • For 71 dollars send it back and tell em to stick it up their A##E! Outrageous......!

  • I have been following you for some time now and as a master craftsman myself I really respect the quality and finish of the work you are doing to your lovely boat. However, could you please stop saying 'frigging' or something similar. It has several connotations, none of which are very nice, and I certainly wouldn't want tender aged children hearing that word. You seem to be a highly intelligent young man and for sure language like that doesn't become you, plus there is absolutely no need for it.

  • Voltage drop on a sailboat for any low draw application is pretty much moot. In industry we have 24v 20 gauge wires running several hundred feet without it being an issue. Where it becomes an issue is when your load is close to the cap of the line and you have some stupid length but all your high amp utilities with a constant load like a water heater or the likes should be oversized anyway.

  • Wouldn't dielectric grease stop the oxidation and make a better connection?

  • Soldering the end of the wires is a good idea. Think about using bootlaces as well. Quicker and easier.

  • Athena is really looking good & very spiffy n ship shape keep the great video's coming Mads you make Mondays worthwhile!

  • Doubling over the cable is standard practice. Give it’s twist first for maximum strength

  • Hi there, I did ask you this in one of your earlier videos, but either I missed your answer or you missed my question. You seem to be a very switched on guy - What do you do for a day job?

  • Its really coming along!

  • Soldering the ends of the wire before putting them in a connection like that is a good idea, you also my have not needed to double it up in that case. Great to see her in the water!