Sail Life - New door, washer, dryer & moving in - DIY sailboat project

Publicerades den 7 mar 2021
After almost five years it's finally time to move in aboard Athena. This week I get the washer and dryer installed and also make a new door.
LiFePO4 batteries:
00:00 Hi guys!
00:09 The plan for the week
00:43 Chanel intro
01:19 Muffler for the Pro Heat X30
05:02 LiFePO4 cells arrive!
07:31 Washer and dryer installation
11:24 Washer and dryer vs. single unite
12:42 Making a new door
15:01 Empty Obelix (moving aboard Athena)
16:30 Finishing the door
19:48 The plan for next week
20:35 CYA
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  • Hello, Who did you get your LiFePO4 cells from in HK and can you shed a little more light on which ones they are? Love your videos, you're an inspiration and a master craftsman! Thx

  • Best thing about separate items is obvious when one goes tits up you pay for only one.

  • When I installed folding doors, two small round knobs served as handles. These were needed to steer and fold the door. This is the typical approach when there no upper track. We also used a pair of magnetic laches or ball latches to keep the door in the closed position, usually mounted at the top

  • It looks like you could have the door swing the othe way. I have looked at this video a bunch and from what i can see is you can open it the other way

  • On the washer, wait until you have your boat in the water and have things the way you like it and then check and see if you can adjust the legs to level the washer to match the weight distribution of the boat. On the dryer make sure your vent is the correct size and not too long or short distance wise. This can affect the thermostats cutting the heat on and off too much. The timer will turn off the dryer before your clothes are dry.

  • Hi Mads, what you have is 8 x 300AH, or 2.4 K AH, not the 7+ K AH you mentioned.

  • Said it many times before. a CURTAIN! It works for our doors. Its just you and Ava. You have your reasons. Cheers

  • Hey Mads, if you cut the door off centre, the door handle would be on the longer side so it would clear the smaller side of the door. Just a thought

  • “Of course, a door works waayy better with hinges” .... oh, Mads - these are the life-hack gems I relish each week. 💯💥👌🏽🤣👍🏼

  • Hi. Been watching you for a few years now. Always interesting watching your videos.

  • Mads, have searched the world for Armaflex. Where did you purchase Armaflex ??????. Cheers Richard.

  • If your stopping off in the NW of Ireland do look me up. Please be advised pay attention to forecasts, it's not called the wild Atlantic way because its wild fun. GF 10 here means put on a bigger coat. In other parts of the world, it would mean empty shelves in the supermarket

  • Your lithium battery comes from Shenzhen, China, and I am enriching this industry in China. This battery is very cheap in China.

  • With all those electronics on board you might want to consider how you might feel when in a thunderstorm with lightning around - its a vexed topic but perhaps there are steps, or you have taken steps, to mitigate the risk, or perhaps you've decided that its futile to even try? Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  • That washer and dryer setup is awesome and really nice looking man!

  • Put the door lock in the frame

  • What is the brand of the washer?

  • I'd just leave the door the way it is now....when coming from the settee area, simply push the door out of the way, pass through to the galley side, then enter the fwd cabin. No more bother than the extra motions of a folding door (they are less convenient to open/close than a normal door).

  • Door handle @5:28: senewss.infovideos?disable_polymer=true&itct=CBQQ8JMBGAEiEwj5862r9KjvAhVGZOAKHXecD5w%3D He uses 3/4” plywood with nothing much too spare. Not sure how thick your door is?

  • Fans for the heating. If your after silent ones have a look for pc ones. They are 12v, and you can get some high flow silent ones.

  • If you do a bifold door make a pocket for a “handle” that way it will be flush

  • Another rich person who thinks solar energy is a viable solution, and for some unknown reason thinks it's better than fossil fuel.

  • AEG heatpump washer&dryer - 1200eur. I have one.

  • Barn/pocket door idea might work.

  • man get rid off those plastic valve , zingao boat he put on plastic v today he sank his. boat , watch his show zingaro

    • The guy commented later that it was a transducer not a thru hull. Composite thru hulls are perfectly fine to use.

  • It's a pity you didn't show us how dryer and washer made it into the cabin ;-)

  • Looking forward to seeing you both in Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Would the washer dryer gap be the same width as the cabin door? Would it be possible to open the cabin door inwards and be a door for washer dryer or for the cabin.

  • My wife and I lived in RV's for many years. I agree that a single combined unit is not good. We now have two units and love them. My largest complaint on combined units was the dryer never really got our clothes fully dry. The load size is larger on our dual units as well. Worth every penny and space I contributed

  • Suggest you keep the single slab door and put a lite (window) in it so you can see into the salon from the cabin. Security and awareness.

  • Mads, Why have you mounted the door so it opens into the salon area? I would have thought having it open inward to the forward cabin was a better option, maybe with a securing latch mounted on the side of the wardrobe. Cheers Eric

  • What happened to your dog? We haven't seen him in so long I forgot his name.....

  • I think you mean Lithium Ion. Lithium batteries are different. :)

  • Friendly input; folding door takes up thru-way space. That looks pretty narrow to start.

  • Madd's have you thought about putting a 90 deg fitting on the exhast, it may Quiet it a bit more by directing the noise toward the water rather straight out to the marina. I Have had the same lithium battery's as you purchased. I got 5.3 kw in 2014, and have had not too check on them since. I have not had to use a generator since , I have 500 watts of solar and only a few times have i had to connect the altenator in all these years. I cook with induction when its sunny, gas if its been a couple weeks heavy cloud, and use coffee maker and microwave every day as well as charging for phones and computer and camera's. THEY ARE AMAZING AND WORTH EVERY PENNY. CHEERS Steve h.

  • Pocket door! Have it slide into a pocket next to the washing machine.

  • If you mount the fans in series you get half the sound../ speed car cooling fans are connected that way a relay that shift between parallel and serial for half/ full power

    • Maybe a sliding door that slide in beside the washer if you got the space..l think I’ve seen a type that have a break so when you let go of the handle it stop in all positions, nice if you want to leave a gap for ventilation

  • dont know how thick the plywood of the door is, but would a recessed door handle be an option?

  • I don't see your dog anymore . Did he move into Athena also !

  • Curtain instead of door?

  • Mads, I have been watching your progress with interest, well done. Did you put electrical cable grommets on the oven/oven holder instead of the self-amalgamating tape? The last I saw it was self-amalgamating tape. I might be a bit late on the door, but if you want to use a bi-fold door and the central hinge is on the side of the saloon, the main hinge has to be away from the vertical post by the thickness of the door so it can be folded on itself and then opened fully against the sofa. The alternative is the central hinge is on the fore-cabin side, so it operates like domestic patio "bi-fold" doors. That way the first bit lies flush against the sofa and the second bit is flush against that. For door handles, might I suggest "pull ring" handles. There then comes the question - how to keep the door closed when you are in the fore cabin and open when open if you see what I mean.

  • After watching ALL or you videos!! I find it a neat coincidence that I caught up to you present day videos the episode you move off of Obelix. Congrats on your move aboard Athena👍

  • Rubber washer around the bolt between the dryer and the shelf. Then rubber washer between the shelf and a washer that is under the head of the bolt. Then you have NVH isolation in all directions.

  • Suggest to add a third hinge and to consider a bi-fold door with upper guiding track.

  • And the combined units are fraught with breakdowns.

  • LOL a little loud haha

  • I think a swinging dutch door would make a great cabin door...change configuration so doors open to the inside.

  • Mads. Greetings from Copenhagen. If you considering an “as-is” price, drop me an SMS and I’d love to hear. Glen

  • I would have also plaster wrapped the whole exhaust system.

  • You made right decision. We have 45' coach and had a combined unit. it did not use water to cool but was not very efficient . Small loads long periods to dry. You made the right decision. On our new coach instead of strap, simply a piece of wood across the tops at the front, unit can then not rock

  • As for the folding door. A mechanism can be installed, in the half door that is attached to the jamb with the hinges, so that the bolts protrude from the top and bottom into the jamb. This way you can also set the door in place when it is open (with a small magnet that will make sure that the free half does not sway. Successfully.

  • Where did the dog go?

  • Everything looks great, but have you ever thought about getting a freezer?

  • Reverse the door to open forward to the starboard. Then in in the open position it will sit against the new clothing drawer unit and be out of the way. Great video! Long time patron. Love your work dude! Keep is spiffy!

  • Aye? Why don't you just swing the door inwards against your wardrobe!?

  • its probably way too late but what about a sliding door?

  • Are you coming to Los Angeles? You can help with my sailboat refit. It needs a LOT of 'spiffy'!

  • pocket door ring handle

  • A slidig door could be a posibility if you have enough clearance to open the drawers in the kitchen. Otherwise a rope or folded leather handel can work well. Suitcase typ handels is also an option.

  • Nobody said it was being done on the cheap if I do say so myself..

  • Pocket door?

  • 9:18 Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! He did it again

  • We didn't have room for both units so just ordered a Daewoo from Korea. Everyone that has the combo on their sailboats raves about them. Does anyone commenting the combo is a terrible idea have this specific one? Did we make a mistake?

  • Use magnets for the door and an small hole for opening

  • Is there any room for a pocket door?

  • A 10 dB noise reduction is significant. The amount of reduction depends on the scale your app is using, but no matter the scale, you made a big difference. dBA uses a 5 dB doubling rate so starting at 70 dB, 75 is twice as loud, and 80 is twice as loud as a 75.

  • I like that you went bare cels with separate BMS instead of individual pre-packaged “drop-ins” which cannot properly protect a battery as drop-ins usually lack external communication for alternators/chargers and therefore overcharge the cells.

  • Pocket Door.

  • Why not make the door open into the v-berth? You do have space for it. There would never be any obstacles on your way when warking around the galley/saloon and you could also get rid of that hole in the floor which, at the moment, even with the door closed, is always there and will always be very unnatural for walking about; one foot down into the hole and then up. Not to mention the hazard it is when walking back.

  • How about a sliding door?

  • 11:30 Plus, two separate units, when you DO have access to shore water and power, you can run both at the same time and dry load A while washing load B.

  • Live your DIY boat vids! I’m living on a Caliber 40 and just selected the same insulation that you have used. What adhesive did you choose to secure it to the hull?

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  • Enjoyed the vid, I am learning a lot. However, I couldn't help but ponder on the grab bar next to the door. It has been my experience that that particular setup is a hand-pincher once you become complacent over time. If it's possible, you might want to move that grab bar over an inch or so.

  • Maybe a leather strap for the door as a handle... The boat is becoming really cool 👌

  • No part is the best part. No door handle just a finger hole.

  • Hello My Dear Friend, Use slide door 🚪 for your boat if possible. ☺️ No need for cut and paste. Door can use multiple benefits try it watch Japan Door 🚪 for your help !!!! My self Neeraj from India

  • If you're going with the folding door, all you need is a flush ring pull. This will allow the two door panels to sit face to face.

  • a French door or bifold door reduces the opening by two door thicknesses. That would be the biggest downside to an already narrow opening.

  • I am sure you will enjoy living in a workshop for a while. Of course the big question will be what are you going to do with all your tools once Aiva arrives to live on board as well? Good progress being made.Well done. Ian Langley New Zealand

  • Can't wait!

  • My suggestion is a bit late but swing that door into the forward cabin so it's against the wall where you built the storage drawers. It will be out of the way but fixes all bi-fold door problems you are facing. Good Luck

  • how about recessed door handles? or maybe straps? those lithium batteries are totally different from any used by the other channels i have watched.

  • On the washer dryer it would be better to go with something that will be available around the world.

  • Search inlayed door handle I saw several that lay flat

  • If those are standard 12V fans that you'd find in a computer, why not look into Noctua fans. SUPER quiet...ugly, but who cares.

  • washer dryer area looks great, and door is so much better than my warrior's sliding one. but one question Mads... the UK and Ireland in winter... WHY!?

  • Folding door is the way to go, Mads, and any that I have installed have round recessed door handles. Being on a boat you could also mount some magnets in the seam to ensure that it stays closed in rough weather.

  • You made the right decision on your washere and dryer. We have the combo Splendide in our RV, here in the southeast US. It is a great unit if you are limited on space, BUT, it does use a lot of water. It also only holds a very small amount of laundry, and takes about 3 hours to wash and dry one small load. With the separate units, you will be able to dry while washing at the same time. If the time comes for us to replace ours, we will put in a separate washer and dryer like you did. Fantastic work you are doing.

  • What about an accordion door made of some kind of plastic , 3 folds / 4 pieces. Could be spiffy!

  • If you make a Bifold door the handle would be on the outside of the fold

  • on our boat, facing a similar problem, we placed the handle on the wall and the latch receiver on the door. Credit my father for this simple yet effective solution. Good luck- your videos are much enjoyed.

  • I always watch these on Monday lunchtimes as they get me through the worst day of the week! Thanks Mads! As for the door, I actually like it as a solid door, bi-fold doors never seem to get entirely out of the way. Instead they're always awkward in both positions, difficult to open and to close.

  • Is this any good?

  • Rout a finger pull for your door handle, nothing protrudes all you need to do is buy the relevant router bit and as you have made the door out of plywood with virtually no frame you would have to inlay a block of decent wood in which to rout the recess.

  • My house (built in 1902) has several (internal) sliding doors with recessed knobs on either side. Works like a charm. Also, a couple of yrs ago I built a new bathroom and the massive shower glass door came with a recessed knob, actually a through hole with a decorating frame. Also works like a charm. For a folding door on Athena I see no problems with either a recessed or a through hole knob. As a locking mechanism I suggest a hinged stainless flat bar (6-7cm) mounted in a frame (actually a tiny box) with thin walls recessed, glued and screwed in the door (the stile on port side). If the door thickness is 12 mm you leave 2 mm ply/wood on either side and you have 8 mm available for the inserted box. If the box's wall thickness is 1.5 mm (x 2) you will have 5 mm for the thickness of the steel bar (should be enough). The bar has a hock on the part that goes into the door fram and hocks over a recessed pin. The lifting mechanism is done by making an elongated and curved hole for 2 knobs mounted on either side of the bar. Ideally the bar should also have a sliding movement so it can be pushed all the way back and into the box/door and not be a hindrance poking out of the door stile. (Skjønner at dette er vanskelig å forklare, kan jeg sende deg en tegning Mads?).

  • Hei Mads Hva er prisen på Obelix slik den ligger nu uten å bytte lukene i cokpit?

  • Mads, would you mind to give us the link of the washer and the dryer you are installing? Thanks!

  • Use recessed door pulls on both outside and inside of forward cabin bi-fold doors.

  • will you be upgrading the "V" berth cushions to some super comfy thick memory foam ones?, great video mads and welcome to your new home :)