Sail Life - Headliner and Garmin AIS 800 (AIS transponder) - DIY sailboat project

Publicerades den 7 feb 2021
In this video, I continue working in the forward cabin putting up headliner and installing a Garmin AIS 800 AIS transponder
00:00 Introduction
00:16 Progress made this week
00:31 The plan for the week
01:12 Czone teaser
02:06 Headliner supports
05:10 Armaflex insulation
06:28 Putting up lights
07:48 Tadaaaa!
09:27 Garmin AIS 800
12:38 Running cables
14:17 Connecting power
15:15 AIS transponder test
17:10 AIS class B vs B+ (SOTDMA)
18:39 The plan for next week
19:34 CYA (Ramona edition)
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  • I love the internet. After watching Mads install the transponder, I went to, zoomed in to Skive, and there Athena was!

    • Me too!

    • Did the same thing. Thanks for keeping it on for a few days Mads 👍

    • Oh cool, can now watch ocean traffic as well as flight tracker. Yup found Athena as well, thanks for the new toy!

    • That is so cool 😊👍

  • @Salt Life have you thought about something like EMP shield for any electric surges/suppression or even lightning? I've seen one in action on a home and it's incredible technology.

  • 7:58 "Oooooooooooooooo" that will live in my head rent free for a long time. 🤙🏼

  • Thank you for the heads up regarding Class B+ AIS! I was just about to buy standard Class B. Thank you!!!!!

  • Very nice.

  • We are ready Mads ; D Leo gave us 2 episodes this weekend ...

  • "The vessel is currently at port SKIVE SOSPORTS HAVN, DK after a voyage of 4 years, 6 months originating from port GOSPORT, GB." And what a voyage it has been!

  • Wait a minute here! My boat stays in teh water through the winter but I have a bubbler keeping the ice from forming around he hull. Please tell me that this is the case on your side of the world.

  • You should get a Kick out of this video Mads

    • I sure did..."lawyered" 😉

  • Finally caught up! Nice work! Watched every video and love them all.

  • Using the vacuum for the pull line is genius!

  • Mads, I followed you for nearly 4 years I think but I'm loving the switch up mixing the content between sanding and tech..oh and how can we forget painting. Although boat projects/jobs will never finish you're getting very close to a finished product which would be similar to saying to an Aussie 'How far is it?' and the reply being 'Just around the corner'....4 hours laterrrr.

  • Hi Mads, it's wonderful to see Athena becoming more and more ready for sailing her away. With all the gear you are about to install like washing machine, dryer a.s.o. I am seriously missing a dehumidifier. How do you handle humidity on board Obelix right now ?

  • Hey Mads 👋 I looked Athena up on the Marine Traffic app. She’s looking good 👍🏻

  • Athena has an identity!!Officially a vessel,milestone reached

  • We love watching Spiffy ;) such a great DIY boating channel, we tune in every week guaranteed and are big fans! Such great information and DIY detail... its given us the confidence to start our own Boat restoration and channel in South Australia!

  • Now l am confused, you said you can leave boats in all winter. Why is it then here in Sweden do they take them all out every winter. I was under the impression the ice will crush fiberglass hulls but not steel , which you can leave in all winter. Anyone who knows whats what on this subject.

  • Hi Mads! First of all, i'd like to say that your videos are the most entertaining and instructives ones from all over youtube, no matter the channels and the subjects. You're a really nice guy, that's very obsvious even with that screen's barriere. Your way of shooting videos and mounting them is perfect, so keep it like that! Your dream, buy an old boat, restore it and living aboard full time, had became, for lots of your viewers, our dream or at least encouraging you to succes in that goal. I'd love to meet you one day, maybe in Montreal Canada when you'll have crossed the atlantic with your loved Ava. One request/ proposition : you english is very good, far better than mine as i'm a french guy; but i'd love to see you making a video, or maybe a part of one, in Danish with some english subtitles down the screen. Just to see the way of your "flow" in your birth language ;) and that could be a nice touch as most of us never eared Danish or often. I probably listened every minute of every video you made, and for some not only once; i don't want to listen audiobook, you're way more fun to ear :) I know this is a hard time, covid and your schedule before living aboard on athena with your love is pretty tight. But if that's matter, i'm completly behind you like lots of buddies out there. You're gonna fiinish it man, you're a monster! (In the good way of course). Take care! V.

  • Just brilliant as usual✨✨✨✨ .

  • is it GDPR conform to show AIS data of a ship on a youtube video? :D

  • Do they make you pay for a ship station license in Denmark?

    • @Sail Life I was curious because ours cost $210 here. Adds quite a bit to an already expensive piece of gear. Been following your videos for a while. Great stuff. Hope to see you out there!

    • I don't think I've paid any kind of fees :) Is it different in the US? I recently binge-watched a whole bunch of your videos - good job! I hope our paths cross some day :)

  • Dude, i love you and the work you do. Been watching for over a year but I do have to ask you a question. How often do you actually SAIL? I am not trying to be a smart A.. I just mean, you never talk about it. The one time you did sail you got a huge case of seasickness? Are you going to be ok when you are making passages full time?

  • ...added you to my "fleet" in You're in good company with my boat, Delos, Curiosity, La Vagabond, and Uma. it's cool to know where the boats are!

  • Hi Mads, please put me out of my misery and tell me where you got your deck core PVC foam sheet from and what it was called. I’ve been watching back over your videos in the hope to find out the details but with no success. Searched the web and no joy either. I’m in the U.K. and I know you have used many U.K. suppliers so hopefully local. Keep up the great work, you are inspiring and a font of knowledge 👍🏼

    • Anyone else then?

  • QUESTION; Why did you choose for Garmin over other vendors? What were your criteria?

  • Remember when you used to call it inshulation and everyone in the comments yelled at you and said it's pronounced insulation? People are jerks.

  • Really enjoy our optimistic atitude

  • Mas. I think you should not trim your beard until the final countdown day. One last bushy man beard before the wifey moves aboard. It will give you Viking strength to conquer your 'to do' list.

  • 4:35, Any hole will do as long as it's not too small. Oh Mads

  • Mads...I love everything except the fuses on the DIN track. Here are some DIN breakers on amazon.

  • I do enjoyed your videos .

  • Love your easter eggs!!!!

  • Mads your the best. GOD speed my friend. JC

  • I'm also a sailing youtuber and my vessel is located in Canada. It also freezes here to about 5 inches however my insurance company insisted I have a deicer. I always thought if I didn't have my dicer going it would cause damage. Am I wrong? I see you don't use one on Athena. Thanks Mads. Capn MiKL

  • Is that a Symbicort Turbohaler beside of the ruler..? I am using it so i could notice it. Anyway please be healthy.

  • Another great vid! Just one question from a full-time livaboard in Hamilton, Ontario... Why do you not use an ice eater (bubbler, agitator) in your marina? There are 10 liveaboards here (RHYC) and we each have our own.

  • Great to see you on Marinetraffic! Also great to hear that you occasionally make the same daft and annoying mistakes as I do re the NMEA 2000 cable - that will make me less frustrated next time I do it!

  • Ugh after hours of painstaking work that moment you feel like you’re almost done, you realize you have the wrong end of the wire in your hand. Your brain immediately reflects the entire job in super fast motion and picks out the seconds that are relevant, your eyes closed seeing the images and then.... you huff out being deflated just at this moment realizing you installed the cable the wrong way and already know the process you’ll need to do to correct it. Been there so i get it. Lol

  • After almost a decade of watching you every week... I have my first question. What is ATHENAS' top/average speed?

  • Now I’ve caught up with all of your videos I have to wait a whole week until I can see a new one. Love every minute of them keep them coming. Can’t wait to see good old Athena actually finished.

  • Interested on your refridgeration decision tree. What made you decide on this vs. front opening vs. ready-made drop-in fridge unit vs. 2 units vs. keel cooled vs.eutectic vs. domestic fridge off inverter vs. etc. After a few boats with different fridge technologies including a new install, I'm leaning towards water cooled with sealed dedicated header tank for my next install for power and performance benefits. How did you land where you did?

  • @18:08 You definitely need to take Athena through the Saltstraumen maelstrom in Norway to test the B+ AIS out!!

  • hej Mads 😊 hvordan kan det være du ikke uploader i 4k mere måske det bare er mig der har overset du har fortalt det 🙈

  • Found your AIS position fron snowy Hastings UK. Nice to know you are there.

  • I can't believe this can't be reprogram with a different mmsi number. what if you want to sell it or buy a new boat?

  • Why would a nmea 2000 cable be directional? I haven't heard of that yet.AIS class B+ remains a class B device and can/will be filtered out by commercial class a plotters. What really is important is receiving and calling the respetive vessel via DSC.

  • I just imagine Gaia's AIS warning blaring randomly and the owner being kind of confused

  • Thinkpads rule the world! 👍👍👍

  • It looks to me like you have a gap of about 5 or 6mm between the underside of the insulation in the V berth and the top of the headliner. Uninsulated voids are something I always try to avoid, so I am curious as to why you didn't fully fill that depth with insulation.

  • Nice video

  • It's an older code, sir, but it checks out.

  • En mycket bra AIS-video! Inte för att just jag behöver veta mer, men du berättade det som BEHÖVS! Mycket pedagogiskt. Du är bra på just det; att vara pedagogisk!

  • I checked you out on my Marine Traffic program as well..

  • Great work as always mate AIS IS great for any boat has helped us enormously it’s a helpful friend

  • I like when Mads says "we" and I feel like I'm doing something useful.

  • I wouldn't go broadcasting your AIS number. Some internet wanker is likely to cause you grief with it.

  • Great vid. Thank you. Cheers from Madison, Wisconsin USA

  • Man this is getting so exciting

  • Would you tell us more about your electrical circuit for the cabin lights? Size wire, how connected, fused?

  • Great video. Very interesting AIS info. Thank you!

  • Mads, did you install surge protection or did I miss that episode? Great vids as always!

  • Yep Mads Your AIS work great I have your position UTC +8 away

  • How many days till you quit the day job?

    • Roughly 46 days 🙂

  • I see you ! No more hiding for Mars 👻

  • BUNK READING LIGHTS: You may wish to consider incorporating a couple of flex-arm individual reading lights for each bunk-head area. GREAT VIDEO AS ALWAYS!! Your dry sense of humor is wonderful. Thank You!!

  • When pulling cables through conduit, do you always include a string for the NEXT cable? A conduit will always contain a collection of cables PLUS a string. Asking for a friend.

  • Your digital light dimmer may introduce a lot of RF noise into your electronic system. You may want to look into this as it will definitely interfere with your radio reception and could cause glitches in your data transfers.

  • M a s. You doing a good job good going for this week see you

  • Love ur videos just about died laughing at the end when ur talking about ur freezer after talking about how ur trapped in ice made me think of the guy in the sales and shipping like yeah I'm sure he is in no rush lol

  • What do you mean by a an "anonymous looking box"? The box you showed had a name right there in plain sight. Do you mean an innocuous looking box?

  • that was cool found it also using the marine

  • The speed of your vessel doesn't matter much to the safety factor of AIS. . But the speed of any other vessels you could encounter does, a lot.

  • With 4 inch ice, why no bubbles under the keels?

  • Ava, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's been more than a year and half since we last heard or saw you. (June 2019). What's up? 178 days to go. Tick tick tick. What are your thoughts? Any words of encouragement on the channel for Mads slaving himself away on the boat?

  • What are those electrical connectors called?

  • You don't look that tall on my ipad...

  • Please put closed caption thanks

  • Mads, the gap if .5 mm is good to have and might not be quite enough as you move into warmer weather and more humidity the wood will expand and contract. She is coming along

  • The AIS 800 will only transmit if its getting its position info from the internal gps antenna or the optional external GA38 gps antenna. Even if its working now with the internal antenna I would not trust it for a reliable position source. The GA 38 comes with a bracket to mount under the deck and is much more sensitive to satellite signals.

  • Great video, and so nice to ser Athena pop up at the AIS/eniro på sjön!

  • I wonder if Ava is looking for the A+M sign in every video ❤️ Fair winds,,,, /),,,,,

  • What a brilliant idea using the vacuum to suck a line through. It has never occurred to to me to do this, thank will definitely give it a go next time I have a similar requirement

  • Personalized C-Us??? Such a departure from my OCD levels of expectation. How will I cope?

  • Seems many viewers were amazed at sucking a pull string thru a conduit ; well guess what millions of electricians use that procedure daily . On a small conduit and a short run like Athena it's ..well quick as poop thru a goose .

  • Interesting bit on b+ not getting downgraded. I assume that means that it incorporates some kind of bandwidth improvements? Going to have to look into the changes and what not!

  • 👍

  • Very clever sucking mousing line through👍

  • This is a comment. Thank you for reading this comment. This comment has been brought to you by Comments Left on SEnewss Videos (c) (TM) AKA... Me. LOL? Anyway, as always: Thanks for the videos, Mads!

  • Did he really say: "I can take Athena out for a sail." I need see an ear doctor...

  • Interesting project. I’m in the middle of small refit of my C34. I’d love to know what the refit budget is on this boat.

    • Have you watched the entire series? If not, I'd imagine tens of thousands of dollars. He has replaced everything except the hull and mast.

  • These episodes are waaaaay to short!😷

  • Thank you Mads for making my Sunday. A little sanding, a little insulating, some electronics-doesn't get any better than that. Take care, stay well and best wishes to you and Ava.

  • As per requirement the class B (or B+) AIS does not have a connection to an external GPS. If you check the NMEA sentences the unit is receiving via the network, you will notice it does not read/receive the position information. Therefore you program the units own (built in GPS) antenna position in the setup.

  • Would you mind enabling subtitles? I watch your show every Monday morning before heading to work, but the house is noisy with the family getting up and I can't hear clearly all the words. Subtitles were useful but I think you disabled them last week and this week?

  • As long as you are not cursing & cussing in USN language, you are not cussing & cursing! As to the ice in the harbor be happy as you will not have very much wave action if a storm blows thru...just my 2 cents!!

  • It's too bad you didn't use Divinycell foam when you re-cored the deck. You might have gotten away with not needing any insulation at all over the headliner, or just a very thin layer. We love it in our Hallberg-Rassy and the headliner is always nice and toasty. Plenty of headroom too... I did notice that you turned on the old AIS for Athena on the land a little distance from boatyard. Maybe you are selling it and were testing it. We have had our AIS off since we got to Florida a couple of months ago. No point of using it when we are just on an established mooring in the middle of a big mooring field. We always keep it on when anchored though, like we usually were before COVID made cruising more difficult. Regardless of the power drain we left it on just for safety -it is like an electronic anchor light, especially when anchored near or right off of busy shipping channels.

  • "we're never even gonna see the fourteen knots". sounds like a challenge to me

    • @Lancer2204 nah, boat, engine and all else is fine. time to make omelettes by breaking some eggs

    • Step 1. Swap the 4 pot diesel donk for a turboshaft gas turbine (say the PBS TS100) Step 2. hit 14 knots Step 3. remove destroyed gearbox, shaft bearings, rudder and controls Step 4. give up in shame and buy new boat.

  • The best tip ever is the hover to pull though the the tissue through Another amazing video Thanks again 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Mads, thank you for another update. Always entertaining and well produced. May I make a suggestion relating to your nav. station manual switches? I would advise, from experience and if at all possible, to fit guard bars along and above all lines of switches, to help prevent inadvertent/accidental switching/damage to these items, particularly when you are at sea? You be can't be too careful. All the best and, take care.

  • Should have AstraZeneca sponsor this episode with all the Symbicort visibility :)