Sail Life - Forward cabin 99% done & Garmin Ondeck Hub

Publicerades den 28 feb 2021
This week I finish varnishing, painting and installing lights in the forward cabin. I also install a Garmin Ondeck Hub to help monitor the boat when I'm not aboard.
00:00 Hi guys!
00:09 Last week's progress
00:55 The plan for the week
01:30 Chanel intro
01:58 Varnishing (clear wood sealer)
03:42 Surface prep
04:07 Painting the forward cabin
06:09 Armaflex insulation
07:00 LED lights
08:27 Garmin Ondeck Hub
16:17 Wooden slats
17:20 LED strip mood lighting
18:07 Progress update
18:47 The plan for next week
20:09 CYA
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  • Man, if a lightning strike were to take out your electronics I would cry for you.....

  • Hvor har du købt Mahogni listere fra?

    • :)

  • Hi Mads, you really have done a fantastic job - definitely spiffy! You are very inspiring and I thoroughly enjoy watching each episode.

  • Great progress. Also, I really appreciate the correct use of doodad and doohickey, especially in a second language.

  • did you put a heater in the front cabin?

  • Hey Mads! I just watched an episode of another sailing channel. They had some issues with freezing water below the water line in their boat. Have you any plans to prevent this? Anyway really nice work so far!

  • Thank you for these videos! We are doing some refit projects on our boat and your chilled, systematic and clear approach is inspiring. Learning a lot :) Hope we cross paths sometime!

  • Comment down below!

  • Another excellent video!!!

  • On the thermocouple. My guess from many industrial projects is that you have a type K thermocouple. They are very finiky things. I use them for high temperature measurements all the time. If you investigate you will find the probe is nothing more than two dissimilar wires welded together. The trick of the probe is it measures resistance across the connection. I suspect you connected the wires with just a couple of twists. They will need a very firm resistance free connection. I looked in the manual and it doesnt say anything. Differences in temperature are measured in micro-volts. Special wire with calibrated impedence is used to mount the device in a remote location. I dont know what Garmin did for wire, but the instructions are all too casual about getting a successful install. Finally, the thermocouple will fail if you exceed 1370 Celsius. Slightly beyond that point you melt the weld. I have done that to a few in my time. Cheers

  • Spiffy, Spiffy, Spiffy😂 .....that’s all I can say about that front cabin!

  • See if you can remove the Dryer enclosure to give you a chance to fit it thru the hatch.

  • On security, if ya notice that ya boat is being stolen does your latest gizmo provide a relay on the diesel fuel shut off? Be nice when ya hiking a trail in Norway, ya phone says your boat is being stolen, and you press a button and the diesel shuts off while you call the authorities? Just a thought. Of course if it is good idea don't answer this.

  • I just bought a UMTS alarm system for 20 euros from china that have kind of the same features like the garmin :D

  • Great video

  • Hello - Came across your SEnewss page as we are considering purchasing a 1987 30' Albin Ballard in Stonington, CT, USA. We are not familiar with this type of boat. Oliver (58yrs old) and myself (50yrs old) currently have a Catalina 30, but plan on heading to West Indies in 2022. We are renovating Catalina right now to sell to upgrade for our voyage. We are also looking at 1986 Ericson 35. Thanks for your videos. Helpful as we are trying to see if the Albin Ballad is a boat for us.

  • With all the gadgets, doo-dads, and appliances being installed I'd worry about spending more time being a maintenance & repair man than enjoying sailing and beautiful locations. I know everyone does their own kind of sailing, though.

  • Mads, It's killing me, where did you mount it, nevermind don't answer that.

  • Ava shows up...LED mood lighting burns out in a week.

  • Boat is looking great! Never asked, what do you do for a living?

  • Great demo of the Garmin box!

  • It's really coming together quickly now! Great stuff!

  • You set the standard in refits, but you need deep pockets. I managed to put even more gadgets onboard but at a fraction of the cost of using "marine products". The core unit being a RUT955 4G router, which is relatively cheap and has many of the functions of the Ondeck Hub. By using the VPN function I can get a full network connection to all onboard gadgets, like the CCTV, and Victron GX, etc. I also put the antenna up the mast which gives me internet up to 20 miles offshore, even if it drops to 2G. I have 3 onboard computers of varying power, one being a Raspberry PI3, the main NavPC is a copy of $1500 "marine PC's" but only cost $300. As it only does backup Nav stuff, I figured I could get 4 clones for one "marine" version. This was 4 years back and it's still running 24/7. I did not skimp on the MFD, which is a Raymarine Axiom. The multi channel controller switch is an extremely cheap $20 unit, which switches on some lights and heater remotely. That way I can switch the heating on before the wife arrives, and the deck lights, very important. It may all sound over the top but with limited access to the boat over the past year it was well worth the work; being able to sleep at nights knowing I can monitor, see the boat, and even switch key items on/off remotely, like the frost heaters.

  • You look rly happy while sitting in the forward cabin. That is rly rousing.

  • You could set that stuff up for people while sailing around the world.... little money maker

  • Plywood under mattress must NOT be paint or varnish. It helps to absorb and regulate humidity and avoid moisture under mattress.

  • Mads your project is coming along fantastly and to quote you - very spiffy. Well done and I am sure Aiva I hope I have the spelling correct) will be very happy in her new home with a very handy future husband. Cheers Ian Langley New Zealand.

  • What did you do to the finger?

  • 19:07 I only see one possibility for that. A force field. Controlled through the NMEA 2000 network, of course.

  • Forward cabin looks amazing. Cardboard Door Time! :P

  • It's looking Great! Don't forget outlets and USBs next to your beds... or wireless charge. You know the important stuff.

  • 12:20 MUHAHAHA !!!! Ava can now keep tabs on your comings and goings.

  • Time to re-name Athena to; "Sea You" :)

  • I didn’t see a relay for the oscillating Overthruster or the nuclear doomsday device, I’m sure Garman charges extra for those goodies!

  • That pile of power tools was pretty impressive.

  • 'Spiffy' might be understating how good that looks! Great work!

  • Wait a minute ... I didn't hear you say the word spiffy in this episode?

  • I'm almost sad to see all this refit-ness coming to an end, you are so good at it... I love the way you work and how you tell the story. I am excited to see the next chapter in your life, but I know it will never be the same. #BeenHereSinceYouBoughtAthena

  • You do a beautiful job very talented man. Sending much love from Australia.

  • I like your new doodads and doohickeys, they are pretty dang spiffy.

  • Hey Mads I laughed when you said "Kitchen island" ...... As Captain you must refer to it as the Galley, C'mon Capt.

  • Addictive stuff!

  • Nice work as always. Would consider one change; round the upward edge and corner of the half bulkhead at the starboard end of the forward cabin (white with wood trim). When boat is moving in the seaway, you may hit the sharp corner while moving around in the forward cabin. For orientation the 90 degree corner is actually visible in the lower right of the "front page" of this video.

  • You are building a hallberg Rassy like vessel plus... I enjoy watching your skills, and want to ask you when obelix is up for sale, she is also a well finished boat.

  • Amazing another video. :-) I have a question: Is not need put Armaflex under water line? Thanks

  • Garmin has sure come a long way from car GPSs! I'm impressed!

  • Hvordan ser man tech nerd? Thats's why I watch, you're the best and I love your show. Keep up the hard work and thanks for making this channel with all your time.

  • why aren't you building a teak shelf on that divider on the nav station like I told you so you can set your drinks up there while you are looking at charts. it will hide that ugly hole for that chrome ceiling brace too

  • Wow. You must have cloned yourself to get so much done - at least that takes a bit of time pressure off.

  • Where is your pooch? We haven’t seen him in ages 🐶

  • Absolutley gorgeous!!!

  • Wood look fantastic!

  • Hold my doodad, while I connect the doohickies. There we go. Next a box of thingymabobs will arrive and we're going to have to learn a whole new language. Any dooverlackies or whatchermightcallits on order Mads?

  • Thank you for everything you have done!!! The work I'm facing is not so daunting!!!

  • "The old door accidentally got chopped in half..." I'd love to see the B-roll containing the Danish cussing when that happened!

  • Forward cabin is looking great Mads

  • I think you will be glad that the paint in your galley is a bit more glossy as it ought to make wiping up splatter and general ambient cooking effluvia from the walls somewhat easier.

  • After this years of following you I had big expectations for Athena but I could have never imagined the results. I am getting more and more excited to see her ready to go.

  • Brilliant results. The wood work and cute lights are 😍. ‘What would Mads do?’ is now a term we use with maintenance and improvements on our boat. So spiffy.

  • My Sunday is now complete 👌

  • You should def install a sliding pocket door to the forward cabin!!! You can do it!!!

  • That lighting rocks! Super cool to see you filming in evenings. Obviously not a problem filming still looks great

  • Brushes generally put on a heavier coat than a roller will. If the sealer penetrates the wood to any degree a heavier coat is what you want to soak in and still retain a good amount on the surface.

  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

  • I knew you were going to say “Spiffy”!

  • She’s a beaut Clark!

  • Well Mads - you are quite professional in the work you do. That is why I am also a dane 😂. But more important: I have, and is also crazy about sailing boats. And I might one day follow your tour trip across the Atlantic. I do need however: Another and larger boat than I allready have: Vindø 32 .... But arent you afraid about Seasickness 😥?

  • What's this cruising idea you keep talking about? We're here for advanced DIY sailboat rebuilding fun. After all these years and good times sanding, are you telling us that you're just going to up and leave us while you go off sailing around with your bride? That doesn't seem right. 🙂

  • Is it wrong that I miss seeing the encouraging notes Mads used to leave himself before?

  • Mads... could you tell us about what happened to your dog Jökull (sp)?

  • You've done a great job. And even more to be done. Good luck. Don't give up. This beautiful and proud ship must see the ocean again!!!

  • Are you planning on selling the boat before you replace the dryer?

  • IF you are actually totally moving aboard..... What about a usable bathroom when you move? Heat? Water? Food? Obilis (sp?) living aboard with all the construction and debris, etc?

  • Have u given thought to paint additives to supress mold / mildew ? Is this even possible ?

  • Mads, You definitely help me cope with the news of the world. Thank you. Dave

  • I always enjoy watching someone else work.

  • Where did you purchase your 19 mm Armaflex?

  • Did Obelsik get sold? Any undate on that? once again another awesome, spiffy video!

  • Just a thought, with the armorflex under the headliner, you might want to add some sort of spacer/support. You know the armorflex adhesive will probably start to fail, and if it drops onto the headliner, you might have condensation issues under there

  • Were glad is see it all coming together for you & Ava .. Stay Safe

  • Looking spiffy! Love the slats in the forward cabin. Beautiful work and thanks for sharing.

  • "Mood lighting"... YOU DOG :D

  • I remembered to leave a like.

  • We have reached the point of actually lusting after your slats now...please, please share where you got them?

  • Looking Good. needless to say but true

  • Athena is looking, "Pretty Dang Spiffy"

  • Great choice of finish on the woodwork, that vberth looks awesome! I'm pretty partial to B&G and I wonder if they have something with similar features to the Ondeck Hub and ActiveCaptain app. Everything I've seen from them seems very strictly sailing/boating specific, without much integration with stuff like the security sensors and what not.

  • ummmm I noticed the V hull lights (new ones) were dimming occasionally on you. Hope you get the bad connection fixed. Of course, maybe you had not gotten around to the shrink connectors yet. You might have just been checking to see if the lights would come on....they sure look nice!!!

    • Thats probably the camera auto adjusting the aperture thats making the lights look as if they are dimming as Mads moves around the cabin.

  • gratulerer med forpiggen, nydelig

  • The V-berth wood work looks spiffy. :-)

  • So what is someone's life like 5 months before a nervous breakdown? Keep up the good work Mads we are all enjoying it. Did a couple of those slats look slightly out; please recheck with the micrometer before the boss arrives!

  • Your Decor is perfect, keep it the way it is, tools and all stuff in sight and easy to always find.

  • Beautiful work👍

  • Awesome job varnishing. Isn't varnishing fun? :) I did lots of varnishing sail boats. Looks awesome. 👌

  • I think the forward birth should be named the conceived room

  • Hey Mads, have you considered painting the cupboard doors in the V berth white? It would the be a reverse scheme to the rest of the boat, and make it not quite so dark once the bedding is covering the white base. Fantastic video as always :)

  • What happens if you lose your phone in the middle of the Atlantic or you have a knockdown and lose all electrical power?

  • Mad Mads.... you are amazing!

  • Spiffy!

  • It's really coming together nicely Mads, your work ethics are to be admired.