Sail Life - Garmin GC 200 at the top of the mast, topping lift & Coppercoat activation

Publicerades den 8 nov 2020
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Athena is now ready to go back in the water! This week I installed a Garmin GC 200 camera at the top of the mast, spliced a new topping lift, and activated most of the coppercoat.
00:00 Introduction
01:16 New topping lift
08:58 Activating CopperCoat
13:48 Garmin GC 200
21.12 Project status
23:32 See you!
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  • You might be able to use a lubricant (we use to use something called lubriplate) to help get the lines through.

  • What is the purpose of CCTV camera on the yacht?

  • I find the sound of lines whacking against the mast to be soothing. Also , don't get matching cutlery.

  • I thought the camera would be for seeing reefs and rocks below the surface , height works well for seeing through water

  • Why would you mount a camera on your mast? Dude, how much have you sailed?

  • Was there a link to the splicing guide book?

  • What ever happened to the ultrasonic wind sensor? The one with no moving parts?

  • next time you need to pull a cable through like you did use cable pulling knot. See this video I found on how to. You will break the line before the string comes off the wire. ( )

  • Awesome

  • you need to put some red lights for night running

  • I'm going to start working on my own boat this month, and I was considering putting a camera on the mast too. I'm eager to know how it works. I'm interested in both seeing the sea-floor when anchoring without as much reflection and refraction, and checking the surroundings at night during a passage. For this last part, I was more inclined in high sensitivity cameras than IR cameras. Consider applying an aquafobic coating to the camera, and a hose nozzle or pump powerful enough that allows you to clean it from the deck.

  • yeah I would probably like this video if only this guy didn't sound like a cartoon character... maybe do a voiceover? ADR?

  • We are ready Mads ; D

  • No video this week?

  • Mads here are a few words to replace doohickey, just to help you avoid repetition

  • Bet you never actually go to sea

  • Hello from Ontario, Things are looking awesome! I’m sure others are as excited for splash day as you are! Can’t wait to watch next week!

  • Mads, have you thought about adding a few "high power" IR flood LED fixtures up there to help and illuminate night navigation and potential object avoidance even further? Let alone being able to just see better/farther in the evenings and at night.

  • Hi, Great rebuild Have you attached lightening discharge device?

  • Hi Mads I’ve run a lot of fibre optic cable, we used a lot of talcum powder to lubricate the run.

  • PDF you were looking for:

    • Samson also have some good ones: & video

  • Hey buddy, watched all your vids, keeping up to date on you weekly now, not sure how much more thought you have put into the generator system but you should 100000% look into the integrel system is a game changer in intelligent power generation for vessels of Athenas size, give it a read if you have a minute

  • Hi Mads, You are an inspiration for me and a lot of people! If you need some inspiration, look at the SEnewss channel: Sampson Boat Co...... Impressive guy too, as you are.

  • Lynafleder/lightning conductor????

  • This has to be exciting and feel really good after all the hours put into this project. Looking forward to see Athena splash, fingers are crossed.

  • Bonjour, merci pour toutes vos vidéos mais pourquoi l'icone des sous titres n'apparait plus afin de pouvoir traduire automatiquement ce que vous expliquer? Merci. Hello, thank you for all your videos but why the subtitle icon no longer appears in order to be able to automatically translate what you are explaining? Thank you

  • Clean the hull frequently when in the water and it will last a heck of a lot longer, and you can have an enjoyable diving experience :)

  • So you have an unoccupied channel you could shove a glass snake down and pull stuff through, google "fibre glass snake" you can join them

  • I will now call all my hose picks “pirates edition screwdrivers” from now on. Lmao well played.

  • Don't forget the "drip" loop on the antenna wire.

  • @ 13:17. Quick get the holly water she's talking in tongues. Be gone evils spirits be gone

  • Man, she's looking so fine! Well done, so worth taking the extra year!

  • Making those ends in the lines is a great investment. Never let anyone do it for you. They may choose to hide a mistake and you find out when it fails and all your sails, or even mast come crashing down.

  • I was wondering if you were able to put Copper Coat in the underwater thru hulls, or if you are using regular antifouling?

  • Why did you not want to use Dyneema for the Stay?

  • Ahhh the "somewhat extensive" pain of getting into splicing spectra! Don't worry i think a 30% failure rate on eye splices is pretty damn good!

  • why would you splash the boat not finished and not use the Workshop until everything is fitted out ?? Am I missing something?

  • Hi Mads ... check Page 11 the 7/15 led they can change color red to white , very good for night night

  • Never disappointed in any of your videos. So excited for you and for the splash. Take care if that pitch nerve and pace yourself. Cheers from MEXICO (ya, I moved lol)

  • This makes me feel a bit better about my own battles splicing line. Thank you :)

  • I am staring at 17:21 isn't there a duplicate channel with no cables in it on the other side of the mast?

  • Mads.... the CC look you were going for is called orange peel in the paint industry. Just for discussion purposes. Also look to Brion Toss for splicing, clearly the understated authority. His books are available on Audible as well.


  • I install a lot of cameras like this for a living and you should consider sealing the camera seams with outdoor sealant. I know it has a waterproof rating and I cannot claim to know the manufacturing process of Garmin's specifically but many of those orb cameras are made in identical factories with only a change to the on board software. Many of these fail in wet and harsh environments regardless of their IP rating lasting only a year before becoming waterlogged and ruined. Also consider using dielectric grease in any ethernet couplings regardless of "waterproof" connectors.

  • Do you still counting the bill for this project? 😆

  • Whats the brand of the shop door ?😄 my chinesium door won’t cope with that load..

  • The transport guys would probably want you to mount the mast so they can be transported together.. aka like you were going to go through a canal.

  • Speaking of top-of-mast. Have a look at the Echomax Active-XS (No affiliation). Some may think it redundant in the age of AIS, but AIS isn't necessarily as widespread as radar still. I like a belt+bracers (suspenders) approach when it comes to making sure I'm visible anyway.

  • Try using cable socks to attach cables to draw cords for pulling them through the mast. Much better than tape. I have used this company's products for instrument cables in my mast.

  • “ so the line can see”, hilarious!!

  • Wow...NEXT WEEK!??!?! I'm both happy and sad. Happy that you're getting her into the water, sad that some awesome projects and information are coming to an end. Can't wait to see the interior work progress now!! As for Audible? Can't do it. I've tried. It seems that no matter what I totally miss out on the story because I need to focus on other things. :(

  • Is it the Holding Tank for Black Water that you showed? Could you please explaine how you arranged the different openings and letouts?

  • You probably knew this, but if not: Most vulcanising electric tapes do not tolarate UV. Hence they degrade in couple of years. However, if you use SILICONE vulcanising tape, it lasts much longer. It's more expensive yes but so much better! Both types sticks almost only to itself so either one is easy to remove, unlike the actual "tape" tapes that stick to everything and leave a gooey mess.

  • Mads with all the rebuilding and replacing why not install a new engine or a least a rebuilt one? and while your at it a generator the entire power generation world will be more comfortable. You have really have done everything else to the hilt with these 2 items not really saving.

  • I'm surprised that with that camera being an IP camera that you can't use some sort of power injector for a PoE set up avoiding the additional wire. Any chance that could be a possibility?

  • Can't wait to see your splash video. Love your editing/transitions it's something I aspire to be able to do.

  • Mads, it will be a good idea to check the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) of the VHF antenna. Usually, you can adjust the length a little bit to bring the SWR to 1:1. Make sure that the antenna is clear of metal objects while testing. I am a Radio Ham (Ram Hadio :)) since 1983 with an Indian callsign VU2RDN and also a US call sign KF7MZZ. It will be a good idea to take a US license (search for VEC license) so that you can operate from US and many other countries. You may also install an HF antenna, usually the backstay connected to an automatic antenna tuner. You can use HF digital modes to get weather predictions and tons of information. HF can keep you connected to the world while you are in the deep sea. Please email me so that I have many ideas on yacht electronics and communication areas. I follow you since your first video and like & admire them thoroughly. You may install RGB LED strips with proper drivers and remote control to have mood lighting in the yacht! See you, 73.

  • good job Mads, good luck with the splash!!

  • Not a bad eye splice. The taper is a bit abrupt, when you cut out the strands, they should all be different lengths. After about 50 more you should be a total pro. :-) Masthead camera is a great idea, can't wait to see it in your videos.

  • Why not use the cable conduit channel on the other side of the mast?

  • Splash Day!!

  • Really excited for you Madz, this day has been a long time coming :) p.s, dont forget to load your tools and materials on board :)

  • I'm surprised the Garmin camera is not PoE (Power over Ethernet). That would leave you with only one cable.

  • So excited to (hopefully) see her go in the water! Conveniently I have the week off so if you do go live for it (and please do!) I won’t have pesky work distracting me

  • Why put her back in the water unfinished. Wouldn’t it be easier to finish on the hard stand?

  • exciting stuff almost splash day ...well done sir ..well done .. i know she's not 100% yet but everything you have done all this time so far she's better than new everywhere you touched keep on truckinn brother !!! ...

  • Its a common mistake to not add a new mousing line to the old first when pulling cables so that if the new cable becomes detached you can pull the mousing line back again. You also need a gland or seal to limit water ingress at the top plate?

  • Fantastic Mads, you've done a great job! Splash date is an enormous milestone! As a fellow Warrior owner I've been following your journey every step of the way. Best of luck!

  • That boat looks fantastic, was trying to learn about glass and got myself hooked, great job

  • Really?? We are going through this for 4 years now?? Time is running crazy ... See you next week!

  • About rigging I found this interesting video from Free Range Sailing - ep.153 -

  • Its too bad for the price that Garmin GC200 is not a Pan, Tilt, and zoom. I have a Foscam outdoor IP camera that is PTZ and love it. Not sure about longevity far 3 months and going strong.

  • I see that you have talked to some HAM radio friends, they know how to make reliable up-mast cable connection. Good move.

  • Athena in the!

  • I'm glad to see other people who are struggling with the dyneema😅 It looks SO easy when people are showing on SEnewss Fair winds,,,, /),,,,,

  • Awsome

  • to assist you in pulling wire through conduit pick up a tube or bottle of Wire Lubricant at the hardware store. Electrictians use it to make wire pulling easier and not damage the insulation on the wire. works great.

  • Guys, I am struggling to understand the practical benefit of installing a camera on the top of the mast. Can anyone give one?

    • In a word - information. In days of yore, sailing ships sent a young 'barrel man' up the mast to the crow's-nest which was in early days, a barrel. He was the lookout. He saw hazards and reported them. When you are at sea level you have a circle of vision and that is your horizon. Put a person up the mast and you extend that horizon. You also alter the angle light hits the water and see differently the reflection, diffusion, and refraction of light that can make the view from the cockpit difficult at times. Think how hard it is to see when driving with the sun low in your vision. Put a camera up the mast and you have the other angle to assist without having to pay a wage. :-))

  • Link to article, I did for Chichester Yacht Club on Electromagnetic interference from high power LED

  • Without the toe rail etc intalled, how are you going to securely attach fenders to protect your amazing paint job? And if you can find the time, we'd love to hear more about the heater project please!!

  • Mads, here’s a playlist of all the rigging videos that I’ve found useful. That splice method seemed to have a couple of difficult sections.

  • Have been following for a few years and I am very impressed with all you have done. You are a true inspiration and when refitting our boat we now have got to a stage when we ask our selves - ”is it spiffy enough?” However, the point of this post is to warn you, before you fit the lights in your cabin, that some impact on radio broadcasting and receiving. We learnt this the hard way. Some LED lights- in our case- Foresti and Suardi reduced our radio reception from 17 miles to 1mile. Furneaux Riddle has done some research, and the US Coast guard put out a warning 2018/19. I wrote a short article about our experience, which I will try to link.

  • Yes! Finally another SailLife update! 2 weeks was too long bro! But creds for letting us know you had to skip your usual weekly schedule! Looking forward to see the splash soon!

  • SPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH! Athena. What a pretty boat.

  • "Fear is a strong motivator. So I'm gonna leave the guts of the failed attempt up here, painly visible. So that the line can see what'd happen to it if it doesn't comply." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Splash Day an exciting milestone. Really enjoy your show!

  • Made..been watching and glad you are about to splash!

  • Looking mighty spiffy, Mads

  • Fuck that boat is beautiful! You make wery good job this vessel!! I liket your style make everything only best way! Thank you very lot every film what you make for people..we have posible see how everything go's!! I watch every episoid what you make

  • Another great video as usual, thank you Mads; and thank you for providing 20 minutes respite from the mad house of America.

  • Excited to hear your review on the lights. I've ben trying to decide on which ones to get for my boat.

  • Step by step...soon we will pass "Splash Day" and no more Do-hickies or Oh glorious sanding ☹. But on the other hand, you will begin your life full of Love and Adventure 😊, and I wish you all the best of luck for the future. Thank you, cheers.

  • I cant wait to hear how you like the Garmin set up, I checked in to it and it seems reasonably priced!!! Im putting off the electronics upgrade on my boat until the last minute as it turns over so fast... we are learning through your efforts and I appreciate your awesome attention to detail!!!

  • Test video camera signal over the ethernet cable before you install the mast!

  • No more taking a Sunday off, I missed seeing your video

  • Whew! Barley made it through the last two weeks without a Mads video. This one arrived just in time. I almost had to start watching cat videos. Fantastic work Mads. Athena is quickly becoming a first class yacht for a first class couple. Take care and my best to Ava and Jurkil.

  • I’m sooo exited for splashing day

  • You should check out music from Code Four One ep is young blood. Awesome music from a band from our church.

  • As per a previous comment this rubber tape isn't UV resistant. In the RF world we cover with another layer of something that is UV stable.

  • I love the your dry sense of humour, has me laughing out loud often and my family looking oddly at me. My favorite is using fear as a motivator for the lines.