Sail Life - Forward cabin & Yacht Devices Engine Gateway (NMEA 2000)

Publicerades den 17 jan 2021
This week I get started on the forward cabin. I also get to hook up Yacht Devices NEMA 2000 Engine Gateway.
00:00 Introduction
00:38 Plan for the week
01:54 Demolition
02:23 The sides
05:08 Shelves (kinda)
07:47 Drawer boxes
11:56 Yacht Devices Engine Gateway
14:16 Quick bit o' wiring
16:14 It's alive! (engine gateway)
17:35 Test fit drawer boxes with slides
18:20 The plan for next week
19:34 CYA!
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  • For your drawer slides did you use stainless steel? Or what material did you get for corrosion/humidity factor?

  • sailing uma has great ideas for interior stuff

  • Question? Given that this refit is essentially a brand new boat with the exception of the hull; will it's resale value when finished cover the cost of the rebuild? No judgement, just an honest question. No doubt the rewards of doing something yourself are priceless. Thanks.

  • When fixing wood to wood wouldnt just using woodglue be easier than mucking around mixing up thickened epoxy everytime? After all woodglue joints are stronger than than the wood nowadays.

  • I waited 3 week so i could watch all at once :) i Just love the boat.

  • Finding "furniture grade" plywood (that is what they call plywood in the US that has no voids) is difficult and expensive. Same thing with purchasing anything other than "softwood" (SPF - spruce, pine, fir).


  • Love the channel but ‘hand talking” is getting a little excessive. You have good content and attention to detail, this is why I watch every week.

  • Im really happy youre going to be cruising with your girlfrend soon, but so sorry my weekly DIY vids will come to an end(

  • 👍using a laser level. I recently view a different channel that should a guy using a bubble balance straight edge on a pin rail 'Honey take step forward, too much. There, perfect. Talk about 🤡

  • Not related to this video, but in the not so far distant future, you will probably do something on the ancor and the chain in order to be ready for sailing, right? You mentioned in the past, that you intend to reuse the old ancor windlass that came with Athena, I even rember you mentioned to buy a New housing for it since the old one had some corosion damage.Having just seen Sailing UMAs Step250 , I recomend you have a look at there new maxwel windlass setup, could be something for you(Athena) as well.

  • that nmea network display looks fantastic

  • Hey Mads... so where is that house on land that had plumb walls and level floors! Great video!

  • "Friends don't let friends but cheap plywood!"🤣🤣🤣

  • IMHO you’ve added too much weight with the drawer boxes. I’d use plastic boxes with clip on lids. You could put a wardrobe door over it if you wanted.

  • so you get 3 drawers and she gets guy! :P Stoked to see the electronics/etc coming online.

  • A comment! 👍

  • This fall I bought a Westwind 35 Nauta. I will not be doing as much work on it as you are doing on your boat, but you sure are an inspiration! Thanks!

  • I'm enjoying the steady Americanisation of your accent.

  • With all that networked stuff you'll be overrun by cylons in no time

  • Mads, we sure would like hour long videos, that way, you could get back to detailed info in you vids, like days of old. You're in my top 5 of channels. Is that light I see at the end of the tunnel?

  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

  • Looks like we are now into the 'Oh so Glorious Gluing' phase of construction. Less dust, just as much work! While 'soldered' connections are the 'Holy Grail' of terminations, crimping with di-electric grease in each connector is pretty much equal as far as connectivity and corrosion resistance. None of my 'greased' connectors corroded or failed over ten years of sailing. It's such a cheap form of insurance, it's not worth skipping, 8P

  • Micro switch on the technical compartment door to activate light?

  • Have you looked into what kind of boat proof labels for the wire identification yet? I think most labels will just fall off after a time.

  • We have lately started using Tesla battery packs for all our solar system. We get them used or I should say salvage some come from smart cars and other places, but they are easy to take apart and reconfigure to fit in about any space.

  • As a landlubber watching Mads go to town on his boat, I have to laugh. All of his demo and re-construction work is ever faithful to the all important hull. How many new boat owners/re-builders drill through the hull to get something mounted? That long-term storage location is fraught with danger for people not paying attention. Thanks for another great peek at what will be a boat in better shape than when it left the factory.

  • "Personally I like the old vanity but Eva told me to say: " :D

  • Nema, still don't know what that stands for. After watching this channel I know what it does but not what the letters are representing

  • Highly recommend Yacht Devices YDCC-04 circuit control or digital switching. I've two of them. Fun to switch on electric heater, diesel heater, lights or whatever remotely from home. Currently one of them is controlled by a YDHS, switching electric heater on/off depending on set temperature range to keep my lithiums above 5°C ready for charging.

  • I haven't seen your dog for a while is he OK?

  • Fra en OCD tosse til en anden må jeg sige, jeg elsker hvordan din OCD går i overdrive med undskyldninger for at gøre noget midlertidigt som bare slet ikke er er godt nok. Det er okay Mads, vi elsker dig også i de hårde tider når du filmer midlertidige løsninger. ;) :D Fantastisk at du kun er 1½-2 måneder fra at kunne flytte, kæmpe milepæl! :D

  • I like the varied topics Mads...good idea. How old is your engine that it can support the yacht devices technology? Thanks Phil.

  • From my own experience, which I’m sure Mads has observed while living aboard Obelix, it’s important to put a bit of extra insulation at the hull sides where the “long term” part of the closet is. Otherwise condensation will make clothes moist in the winter. This is especially a problem when they are left for a while.

  • I’m sure you factored this but you have a lot of weight on one side, freezer, washing machine, also in th main salon the refrigerator...looking great!

  • Why do only 10% of his subscribers actually thumbs-up the videos?... kinda sad. He does such good work.

  • Completely off topic: I noticed that this video has about a 20% upvote rate, that's double what most videos on SEnewss seem to get. Good job! Says great things about your content and your community engagement.

  • For the upper one or two drawers you could cut one side down to the glider rail to make the contents visible ans accessible from the side.

  • Just wondering will the Washing machine and dryer fit through that door way?

  • You had a Borch vaccumecleaner a few years ago, what happened to that?

  • I would love that old veneer for my boat - have you throw it out yet?

  • 88K Subs...Getting there Mads.. GREAT to see, you have like 500K fewer than you should. Stuff is really coming together, that MEA2000 is the cat's meow for sure. Wish I had that when I had my boat, but nooooooo....old analog gauges that never worked right...even the new ones I bought never worked "right".

  • Nice Mix ... 👍🏼

  • You do the best "fast-forward" video of any channel I watch. We see what's going on and are not bored with long drawn out real time video. Great job.

  • My hat goes off to anyone who can still smile while standing next to that epic to-do list!

  • Spiffy as always Mads! What batteries did you get? I presume you bought LFPs, or maybe LTO? I seem to remember you said you’re going with prismatic cells. Have you decided what BMS you’re going with?

  • I don't know anything about boat reno's but if you tell your gal she's got lots of clothing space, don't be surprised when she shows up with more clothes then you have actually space. Just saying.

  • When I made up new battery cables for my boat, I both crimped the terminals then melted solder into them, thenshrink wrapped over the joint. If you do that, the cables will last much longer.

  • Aren't you worried about putting too much noisy stuff in the sleeping cabin? I mean the freezer could be particularly annoyingly noisy in warmer climates.

  • I love what you do here I reference your stuff for my refit on Sailing Samantas your channel and boatworks today are my top two! Thank you for what you do!

  • I found this channel in late December. Oh Glorious Binge Watching has now come to an end as I'm fully caught up. :( As for the plywood (or anything else for that matter) Ruskin on prices: “It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

  • Crimping is ABYC Standard. Soldering makes a hard shell that can crack. Add an adhesive heatshrink wrap for extra protection and coat terminals and lugs with an anti-corrosion agant such as petroleum jelly or dielectric grease.

  • Hey Mads, are you going to paint the inside of the electrical area?

  • Does that little sitting thing contain anything? If not i would remove it, you can sit on the bed just as well.

  • Cool beans👍🏾

  • Great Vid just loved it work and talk, most vids are to much talk and very little work boring. Cheers Buddy she is really coming together I bet when all those screens lit up it was a massive sigh of relief well done.

  • No oil pressure reading from engine?

  • Looking good legend

  • I would of made the bottom shelf 12 inches deep for larger items of clothing jumpers. And then maybe the second shelf from the bottom 9 inches for large items. I hope that you will insulate the hull at the back of the long-term storage. I like the link for the engine to be put onto all the digital instruments.

  • I would like to know why you need different voltages and not just have one 12v or 24v for all the boats. Wouldn't it just simplify the plannings?

  • Haha you are clueless if you think that is enough storage for your gf's clothes.Also you need a large drawer as well as the smaller drawers something you should have consulted on as what you have created will not be practical.

  • Lovely video I'm impressed with how you pace the content in the videos. And for the light in the electrical compartment I would recommend a battery-powered "wand type" in a charging bracket. The odds for needing a battery powerd light when opening that compartment under sail is high ;)

  • Why are you planning to have a separate washing machine and dryer? In a boat where space is so important, wouldn't it be better to have one machine that does both jobs?

  • D lightings are pretty dang spiffy K ??

  • Mads, for ventilation under the madras in the v-berth, you could make a raised "false" floor (50mm?) with ventilationholes in it.

  • Is a very good electrical sealant product from CRC called soft seal for crimped terminals or electrical stuff

  • Speaking of wasted space, why not put in a combination washer drying instead of 2 units

    • He discusses the reason why many episodes ago (can’t remember which one).

  • I wired machine controls 40 years Detroit, go buy yourself a roll of velcro and use it to bundle wires together so you can reuse it, please do not use ty rap zip ties etc. if you do use zip ties the black or colored ones usually are for outdoors, the white or clear one will last maybe 2 years outdoors. put some of that wire tray on the door too make it look spiffy....put a spare loop of wire for each wire so it can reach any point in the panel. add spare wires labeled one thru 30 in your wire runs even terminate spare wires and label them for future use.when everything is all wired up make a plexiglass cover for the door breakers so because you know you will set tools on it when you are working in there LOL...those lugs ar coated with nickel and silver when folks sand them that coating comes off and your lugs or terminal rings will plants actually require 30 to 40 % spare wires in all wire runs for future use

  • I’m not a sailer! more of a land lover, but I find your Vlogs really interesting and enjoyable to watch. 🤓

  • Awesome dude ! Love your videos. A few suggestions if I may. 1. Grease your wheels extra, on drawer slides. 2. Definitely get moisture absorbers every place you can, especially behind your electric panels. 3. If your not going to solder your wire ends, at least heat shrink them. Navionics look great, consider a large enough area for computer/editing work. Cheers 👍👍🏅💚

  • Excellent progress!

  • May I suggest for the bottoms of the top drawers (that Ava can’t see the contents of) you use “Perspex” as an alternative base/bottom? I saw this used on another yacht on SEnewss. Best Peter

  • Just don’t put your freezer right next to your bed. Suppose you’re going to regret the decision . Makes an awful lot of noise

  • Have you considered installing a panel heater in your electrical panel to help stop moisture it is something I have seen many times in damp areas in factories but never seen on a boat or camper van maybe it is not a good idea but I think it would be.

  • Hey, Mads! Can you do me a quick favour? It's hard for me to get a sense of scale about Athena even with you standing beside her, so in some future video can you show me where the waterline is when you're inside the boat??? It's always hard to tell just how much is underwater and how much is above! Please and thank you!

  • Lookin' good!!!!!

  • Where do i buy "vanity-be-gone"?

  • there is never enough storage when it comes to women´s clothes

  • In that tall stack of drawers, I don't see the reason why you need a "shelf" at every level, seems like overkill for stiffness of the unit. Also, I would strongly recommend making ventilation holes through every "shelf" and maybe through the bases of the drawer boxes otherwise your clothes are going to become moldy very soon.

  • Let me give you some criticism. Drawers above shoulder level are inconvenient to use. Before crimping the terminals, fill the terminals with petroleum jelly, this will not allow the junction to oxidize. Cheap plywood has a problem not that it has voids, but that it has non-moisture resistant glue and a large thickness of lamellas, which greatly affects its strength after moistening inevitable in a boat. Well, belated advice about onboard electronics, perhaps for the sake of saving money and more functionality, it was worth looking towards open source solutions like OpenCPN, Signal K and OpenPlotter.

  • Were the drawers separated into his and hers? 7-1

  • You should keep a plaque size panel from one of Athena's original panels and write something on it. Maybe a special date (your engagement etc), or a special "Saying" and mount is somewhere inside as a momento.


  • That top set of drawers will be hard to access or see into. That would be a nice place for a set of shoe racks or blankets or something with a lifting door versus a drawer.

  • Nice job Mads, building drawers is hard. I would have started with the long term storage area, I hope you will have enough wiggle room to work with the drawers in the way 😉

  • Have you found a cure for the seasickness you experienced. My girl friend turns green on passages, I know you had a similar issue so I was wondering how you got passed it

  • you went cheap on the plywood....and then bought lithium batteries from China???

    • What's your point?:)

  • Did you notice the HUGE smile when he got the displays functioning at the chart plotter station?

  • No doors on the long term storage. I would put up some type of fabric that can breath. It would suck to open up your winter clothes to find them covered in mold. Either that or get those vacuum bags for long term stowage.

  • Your comment about "digital lighting control" made me think that perhaps that would be overkill on a smaller boat, with mainstream systems from CZone being too expesnsive. But I guess there are other/smaller DIY systems out there and I just saw this from the Panbo website (see review): Scheiber’s kinetic Light Air Switch Kit (in US see

  • Are you keeping it as a v berth or will you convet it to a pullman berth?

  • It's looking awesome Mads, can't wait to see you sailing it in the South Pacific!

  • I still think one washer/dryer does the job better, and the space on the second machine will be needed!

  • Nice video! Looking good

  • 15:53 Would some LED strips stuck to the inside rim of the opening do the trick?

  • "That's a lot of storage space for clothes" - No woman, ever.

    • My thoughts too. I wonder where Mads is going to put his stuff.

  • Hi , have you ever worked of IKEA as the robot action ,making draws super seeds any thing ,I have seen . Another fine video ,stay warm and safe and NO ice skating ,as we don,t need you laid up broken and waiting for the apoxy to set .ttfn

  • Great progress Mads; can't wait to see the Li install. Cheers.

  • What types of chemistry did you consider for the batteries ?

  • So many screws, they should have got you to build the Titanic, it would have been the iceberg that sank. 😷😎