Sail Life - Clothing locker done & tons of sanding - DIY sailboat project

Publicerades den 31 jan 2021
In this video, yet more forward cabin work. I finish the clothing locker, get the washer-dryer area 99% ready for paint, run conduit to the floating locker
00:00 Introduction
00:23 Progress made this week
01:02 The plan for the week
02:07 Washer-dryer area
07:16 Insulating the clothing locker
08:07 Drawe boxes
09:55 Running conduit
12:50 Chainlocker prep for paint
14:15 Garmin Quatix X6 watch
15:40 Plan for next week
17:18 CYA!
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  • Man refits a small boat to live aboard Man buys larger boat Man begins a refit of larger boat Man uncovers more issues and the refit becomes a "somewhat extensive" refit Man rebuilds the entire boat, except for ONE DOOR FRAME Happy Birthday, Mads!

    • @Dry Roasted please, no! I want to see Mads sail away!

    • Think: Can you imagine Mads will be satisfied with Athena's refit, and just set off sailing? No, there will always be just a little more sanding... Happy Birthday, Mads! Forty doesn't look too bad, from the perspective of sixty.

    • Lol

    • Happy birthday, Mads! Definitely you've done a really brilliant DIY blog. Content plus voice plus extraordinary storytelling. Like 1000 times!

    • @Donald Endsley - Athena, Theseus, it’s all Greek to me...

  • That’s a petty neat watch

  • The unreplaced door frame is the reason he didn't need a permit, it's the only original part. He can say the boat is 99.9% new.


  • We are ready Mads ; D

  • Happy birthday Mads. You're a very big part of our lives and wish to thank you for all of your efforts to keep us informed and entertained.

  • In one of your videos you had a small device to mount in your boat that you could look at your cellphone and see what the temp is. Any info would be appreciated. I’ve been binge watching and enjoy you videos. Thanks John

  • Happy Birthday Mads

  • HBD mate!

  • Happy Birthday Mads! 😊 Keep up The Good work on the boat and the videos!

  • Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  • Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎊

  • A belated happy birthday Mads. Everyday will be like your birthday and Christmas combined when you get Athena done and get underway enjoying your years of hard work.

  • Happy B-day, and moving in soon, wow this is a long refit.

  • Tillykke med de 40 🤗 god arbejdslyst

  • Thank you, that was a fantastic video.

  • Happy Belated Birthday.. 40 is the new 30. enjoy. P.S. Love the watch.

  • Watch out for condensation near the chain plates. Keep up the great work and tillykke med fødselsdagen!

  • Happy Birthday.

  • How will you stop the clothes draws opening when in rough conditions?

  • Hang on, Mads getting sloppy with repairs instead of building new everything two times ....? Best thing: Mads' "sloppy repair not to be proud of" still is better than two thirds of the "big buck pro-perfection" bodge You'd buy off yards all over Europe .... And happy 40 by the way. Kind of a bummer sitting socially distanced in Obelix' Saloon I reckon - we drink a stiffy or two to Your health tonight.

  • Happy belated birthday 🎂

  • Happy birthday Mads!!

  • let me guess...the watch interfaces with the boat electronics?

  • Sounds like a very exciting, enjoyable get-together with your parents, immediately putting them to work with lots of glorious sanding!

  • Happy birthday from slovakia. I've enjoyed every episode

  • Hi, great work, and a big hug for your birthday. Could you share with us the washing and dryer machine branch and references? Regards


  • I do wonder what secrets are hidden underneath the V-birth, and that must be the only part we haven't seen in these four years... Great videos Mads, keep up this great work you're sharing with us. And of course a somewhat late happy 40th off course

  • Really Good ... Amazing !

  • Stort grattis från 🇸🇪

  • Hi Mads. I'm in no way connected to this guy but follow him like I follow you. Have a look at his electrical setup which seems to me a perfect add on to your Technical compartment as you move towards final fit out.

  • Now to interlace vids with the (future) Mrs to show her scramble to sell everything and move across the globe.

  • Busy times.... Good luck! Happy belated wishes from the UK 🇬🇧

  • Happy Belated Birthday Mads 🎉🎂🍺

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  • Sneaking in a A+M 👍

  • Hej Mads - only fabulous people have birthdays on January 30th. I’ve known this all my life 😆

  • Happy Birthday

  • Happy birthday

  • I'm amazed at how much work goes into a refit!

  • Happy belated Birthday Mads!

  • Did you give any thought to, 40 years ago that day, you were in the equivalent of that small space similar to the chain locker and tight exit, so-to-speak?? Who would have guessed it?? Happy 40th!! 🤣🤣🎂🎂👍👍

    • Haha, that's a good one. I hadn't even though about that. That would have made for a really funny joke!

  • It's been weird getting used to it, but so nice to see the boat in the water. You must be getting better, it's been a long while since we heard the start of swearing in Danish. PS how is the wee dog getting along been a while since we saw him. 🤔😁😷 🐕⛵

    • ”Godd darn fiddlesticks!”

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Don't worry about purchasing an expensive gateway just to program the czone system, all configurations can be done using just your laptop, the Garmin MFD, and a microSD card.

  • Remember, this awesome dude is a Software Engineer. We have a tendency to underestimate the necessary effort of our tasks. With a bit of luck, we may get two more years of this brilliant content.

  • Mads, have you considered putting in sloped ribbed false bottom in the chain locker with screen covered holes to allow the water to drop into the bottom of the chain locker. With a pump emptying the compartment under the false bottom, your anchor rode will dry faster and not be sitting in salt water. A ribbed false bottom will not removing much room in the chain locker and can access to both parts of the compartment thru the access panel.

  • Just wondering why you are not utilising a combined washing machine and dryer in one, or did I get that wrong? This would obviously free up some space. Incidentally, I met you in Kirkcudbright when you were buying the boat from JB. I have many fond memories of sailing Athena round the West Coast of Scotland.

  • Happy Oh-glorious-chain-locker-sanding day to you.

  • Mom and Dad did an awesome job of sanding preparation in the forward cabin....hummm now who do I get to give me a hand with my sanding job here in cold wintery Canada lol.

  • I just turned 50 bud. It's not as bad as all that.

  • Hey my friend, great progress and nice video to watch! Please be carefully while grinding hard wood, the dust can be cancerous. Don't now wich wood you are working with. Sorry for advising, I'm a EHS professional 😊. Grettings from Germany!

  • Happy birthday 🎉

  • Your shipping costs for this refit must be insane!

  • How much have you spent on your boat and goodies so far?

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  • Happy 40th Birthday. I an New Zealand

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  • Happy Birthday 🎉🎁 Mads

  • Over 40, eh? Well. good luck dude. All the best to you and Eva. 🎂

  • happy birthday Mads :)

  • Happy Birthday young fella.

  • As I wrote in under the previous video, I would generally give up the top drawer, because it will be inconvenient to use it.

  • The new bulk head in between the washer,dryer and the freezer would be better cut back to the front of the dryer and down to the height of the washer. It would open that space up in the entrance to the v berth alot. A countertop on top of the washer out to where the bulk head is now would give you space to sort washing etc... Just an idea. Been with you from the start of Oblilex. Great to see light at the end of a long tunnel.😃😃

  • congratts! Are your perents alway in working clouds when they comes over?

  • Happy belated B-Day!! It's all downhill from 40. ;)

  • Happy 40th bday! I turn 40 this week as well so I understand how you’re feeling. Also that clown car bit killed me bc i just finished my refit and very familiar with all the stuff in small places!

  • Happy Birthday

  • Happy birthday Mads for saturday, have you generated a schematic for your wiring and serial bus i would love to copy your Garmin setup. Thanks Mads Steve aboard SV Cascade of Hamble

  • Happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday!!!🎂🎉

  • Garmin quatix 6 solar er blær! Jeg bære det selv og er super glad for mit. Glæd dig det virker super godt.og tillykke med de 40 ;-)

  • Happy Birthday!

  • How many offers have you had for Obelix from subscribers?

  • Happy Birthday and keep up the great work. You're an inspiration to us all!

  • Awesome episode. One step at a time one day at a time.

  • Happy birthday Mads, wishing you many more. Love your channel.

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  • Happy birthday Mads!

  • Happy Birthday young man. Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be. Enjoy your Age with the youth you have.

  • Happy 40th Mads, you're making excellent progress. Well done.

  • Mads, you are my Idol. Even if you do something you are not proud of, it looks dam spiffy sturdy

  • Happy Birthday !! the Boat is looking awsome !!

  • Don't believe anybody that says live begins at 40; it's the beginning of a very slippery slope.

  • You could consider cutting the ply on the RHS of the Dryer back a bit? With the dryer set towards tha back, you can create some shoulder and hip room by cutting back this ply wall. What do you think?

  • Happy Birthday ! I have definitely learned quite a lot by watching your channel and that leads to a question, how will you feed the cables through all the new conduits ?

  • Happy birthday:)

  • Happy birthday Mads!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADS! Cannot believe how long I have been watching you not realizing your age. Love to watch your meticulous methods, mainly because I am more like Dangar Stu in my building techniques. Your methodical precision is highly appreciated. Once again Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you so much :)

  • Mads, are you beginning to feel a bit panicky? This was at least two boxes you opened without the traditional knife work on camera. Also, I think this is the fastest I've ever heard you talk. All of a sudden you have multiple tasks that have you bouncing all around the boat - I actually think you feel like you are literally bouncing all around the boat. Take a steadying breath, you don't want to be totally white-haired, or bald, by the time Ava comes to join you. Is your date of starting to sail set in stone or do you have some wiggle room? It would be nice if you get everything done to your satisfaction by the deadline you've set. But, if you overshoot that deadline by a few days or even weeks, what happens? A belated Happy Birthday. As another commenter said, "I turned around and I'm 70". At least he remembers turning 40!! I hope you swung by a bakery to get a cupcake, or a doughnut, or even a dozen. FORTY - HUZZAH!!

  • A late Happy Birthday Mads! I'm loving your channel and have just completed a watch through of the entire Athena series 👍

  • Happy New Decade! Is there an aft cabin or a sea berth thinghy in the saloon?

  • Happy birthday, Mads. We love what you’re doing. Glorious.

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  • Gratulerer med dagen! Jeg er utrolig imponert over arbeidet ditt! Kvalitet hele veien!