Sail Life - Digital Switching (czone output interface) & varnish - DIY

Publicerades den 14 feb 2021
This week I hook up a bunch of nav lights and electronics to a digital switching box (czone output interface) and get started varnishing in the forward cabin.
00:00 Introduction
00:10 Progress made this week
00:50 The plan for the week
01:09 Digital switching intro
04:30 Czone output interface installation
05:43 Czone configuration tool
06:38 Garmin MFD configuration
07:10 Tadaaaa!
08:08 International clear wood sealer
10:57 Surface prep and application
11:58 Calling Ava
14:41 3 coats done
15:21 The plan for next week
16:50 CYA
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  • 7:04 "and back...and back...and.....back" love it 🤙🏼😎

  • 😙

  • Thank you! Seriously!

  • hi just noticed you dont have a deck hatch for the chain locker this might be a problem if your thinking of high lattitude sailing most other channels have made big think about a sealed crash bulk head; i sailed on a boat going around iceland and to get insuracne they had to seal the same sort of chain locker with a bulkhead door and block all drains etc.. they made a deck hatch instead. also i dont know if you have seen sailing uma channel the sailing upgrade i liked was a cabon bow sprit for setting a much bigger down wind sail than you would get having the tack on the bow.. Great work and good choice of boat very solid in heavy weather

  • I’m impressed

  • “In the unlikely event” your electronics fail....Mads, ALL electronics fail eventually. All. Some fail because of planned obsolescence, some fail because of some engineering defect where the corrosive salt air got somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be, and some die a violent death because that mast acts as a great lightning attractor in a storm. Whatever the cause, your electronics will fail at some point, and Murphy’s Law dictates the angry pixies will be at their angriest when it is most inconvenient. Thus, I recommend you plan accordingly.

  • Athena is looking good. Love the tech so fun. Ave! Hi good to see you too!

  • When you get to doing the floor, you might want to look into flexible luxury vinyl plank flooring. We just did our boat with it. As it is flexible and waterproof, it was the perfect match. So easy to bend it (once heated by leaving in the sun in the cockpit) to match the curves of the hull. You can always add a rug over it in the salon. Love watching your videos!

  • Is there a possibility to make a list of all the electronics installed on Athena? Great job!

  • Sometimes automation isn't the panacea it may seem, especially if it stops working in the harsh marine environment. Of course, this will usually happen when you really can least afford it. I hope you have manual ability to turn on/off circuits. IMHO

  • Madds, it never ceases to amaze me how paint and finish manufacturers keep coming up with new names for products. For instance, the term "sealer" has always meant just what its name intones: something to seal the pores of wood products. Man, you had me confused when you showed us the two-part product you were going to apply!

  • Armaflex XG that you bought. Where did you purchase it? Have not been able to locate it in Canada or the US. Can you help.

  • Another great insightful vlog, keep up the great work!

  • Things are looking very spiffy!

  • the dark varnished v-berth is a really nice contrast with all the bright white.

  • getting tired - watching is painful as if I were doing this myself..... thank heavens I'm not. furthermore 'am jealous - however, wish this were moving ahead faster... so... What do you have to do - re: ordering stuff that will inhibit your progress and schedule? - - - When I manage a high-rise construction project in Manhattan, there is zero land area to store materials.... we order in advance to a schedule that enables all of the crews to get all of the materials they require... so if we are building 20 stories and up, the lower floors are receiving finishes ..... I would suggest you make a Microsoft Project template for yourself of what needs to be done and when so that you have enough time to order stuff... you really know what you want - just make it happen according to a schedule regardless of covid or other mishaps....

  • Hello Mads! I have one unrelated question... When you have a question, and you can't find an answer on the internet, where do you ask? In my case, I don't know what I should do with the drain of my galley. If I send it to a sumpbox, I'm afraid it will get clogged with food residue, and if I try to send it to an above waterline seacock, the angle will be too "flat". Sorry to bother you and thanks!

  • Hi Ava!!

  • do you like electronics ? you are not really a shoestring sailor are you with only the basics? Our boat sunk & filled with mud so lost most of the luckily obsolete complex electronics. I promised myself to keep it simple this time, no insulation, no linings or unsealed surfaces & maybe insurance this time.

  • you could always save a few bucks and make the slats white to even out the color scheme

  • "Lets out the magic smoke." Hahahahaha

  • I can't even afford the terminal crimping tool for that CZone dabble with some VERY expensive toys my good man. VERY expensive.

  • I have limited knowledge about switches and fuse boxes, but I just came across a new and brilliant product: *EGON DC-Hub* (

  • 16:05 Wait .. Wait .... Wait ... Do that again .... How did you do that ?

  • When I was watching the end of the video, I was noticing the proximity of the cooktop to the VHF radio. I see the cover on it and thought that's definitely a good idea to keep it safe from steam and oil. I'm thinking that a tempered glass splatter shield on top of the nav desk back would be a good addition. You could get it custom engraved too with a nice design. Maybe tall enough to protect the radio face. Would also keep oil splatter from landing on the whatever is on the desk surface too. No one wants oily charts. That's an easy project while you wait for the freezer.

  • Don"t Change the BUSS BARS!!! You already have The wire channel put it inside the channel. Will be neat and cover NO new holes and easy access!!

  • For the in between layers of varnish, I have had great luck with using steel wool in the past. It will remove any fuzzies and make a nice matte surface for the next layer to bite into. A big big advantage of steel wool is also that it doesn't clog up like fine sandpaper.

  • Nice to see Ava again. The boat is coming along nicely.

  • Lucky man to have a woman who is as keen as you are about your yacht. I'm trying to figure out how to keep my one a secret, she isn't quite so keen

  • I've been wondering if you could use USB as a bus interface to control various power switches and sensor data. There are various microcontrollers that can power over USB like the new Raspberry PICO. So you could get power and data over a relatively simple and cheap connector and control them all with a central PC (or Raspberry PI 4). I know there is a professional bus for boats but I figure that will be quite expensive. You could have a HAT pcb for the MCU boards to turn on and off power to a light or appliance or motor and could also measure power consumption etc. You could also "pot" all the MCUs and encapsulate them in epoxy to prevent corrosion.

  • Agree, the varnished, warm look is much better than the "hospital" white everywhere. Things are really shaping up and looking great! Hope the freezer isn't "frozen" somewhere, those non-return phone calls aren't a good sign.

  • “This is the bare bones...... “ For the rest of the world it’s magic.

  • I have a Raymarine Axiom unit, and of course it has czone support. The only problem is that I have all buttons available literally right next to the plotter, on both helms... I'm battling myself if it makes sense to go digital when absolute everything is already wired up :P

  • Very interested in the digital switching. Hopefully there are open standards that manufacturers are following vs. each vendor creating their own standard.

  • Thumbs up!

  • What is plan "B" if freezer does not show up at all 😱

  • Great video thanks

  • Can't wait to see which fancy electronic component fails first.

  • I thought you were a sailor with engineering and network skills.....others use Alienware notebooks you use maybe thinkpad x series

  • Happy wife, happy sail life!

  • Good morning from southwest Florida

  • CIrcuit breakers: proven, lasts 20 years. no firmware updates or software troubles. Czone doodad: ?

  • I see you are now wearing the fancy sailing watch. Also if you keep refering to tie hanging locker, where is the rail for HER dresses?

  • I take back my comment on UV cured finishes. With that instant drying, there will be less dust landing on the slow smelly cure finish. That would mean almost no glorious sanding!

  • Loving it !

  • Mads is a pro at crossing fingers, with all of eight fingers crossed at the same time. MAD!

  • You might be able to “hot coat” the applications of varnish not having to wait till dry.

  • I was wondering if you have done any research on UV cured paint and varnishes. Put it on and flash a UV light on the coat and tink, dried instantly. Minus 15 can really do a number on more then plumbing. I saw a half million dollar printer wrecked as the shipper did not put the printer in a heated warehouse over night. Water based paint left in an unheated garage--kiss it goodbye. It's heating up to minus 14 degrees F (-25C) here in St Paul, Minnesota.

  • How do you do that at 16:07 ?

  • Mads please do your wiring and batteries more in depth - its the one thing i struggle with with my boat

  • Nothing makes me happier than printed heatshrink!

  • And the HAL9000 is still on its shipping way?

  • "Mads Skills"

  • You could use steel wool instead of sanding

  • instead of buying more busbars with covers mount your existing ones in the cable covers, the same ones you have your cables in

  • At 10:02 what are all those insects flying around on the left of the screen?

  • Don’t you have a DIY Store in your home town to buy sandpaper? Or do you always and only buy stuff online? Is there a fabricator nearby that you can speak to directly to make the freezer you want, rather than some anonymous person on the internet.

  • I need a freezer..... my boat is frozen in the ice..... We will try to deliver one next week😅

  • Was that four crossed fingers? Dang! That was impressive! Do that again, but only if you absolutely have to. That episode felt short, feed us junkies! No really, keep on, looking great!

  • "Box of fancy magic." Nice.

  • Ava is looking really cute with her hair longer. That has nothing to do with the boat, but it is something I noticed as a hairstylist. I also like the V-berth being varnished. The white looks amazing on the rest of the boat, but the varnish looks really warm and inviting.

  • Positive thinking!! The freezer will be here next week.

  • when are you going to trim out the top and bottom of that stainless pole in front of the nav station ?

    • It'll be a while. It's not very high up on the to do list :)

  • Awesome Mads. Goldspar satin is my varnish of choice also. Have done 8-9 coats to as many as 20!

  • I was thinking "Why don't you cut in some scenes of Ava?" And then a little later up pops her sweet face. I like that you didn't spare any expense or time on your clean tech installation. Seeing that makes my heart go pitter-patter.

  • It doesn’t look like you’ve installed any (red) lighting below deck suitable for night passages?

    • Not yet but I will :)

  • Is your varnish good for old interior teak, and do you have wash it 216 thinner

  • Four spacers and a sheet of clear Lexan will frugally 'short proof' your buss bars without making the present set-up obsolete. The Lexan panel can cover just the two bars, or the entire installation, keeping clothing from snagging or restricting air flow over the components.

  • Did you practice that double finger cross trick or did it come natural?

  • Ava's hair has gotten long! Looking great! :] oh, the boat's looking good too... ;]

  • It was great seeing Ava again. I like her long hair and she looks lovely. The varnish really makes the forward cabin look like a stately room. If the overhead is painted white it will make the cabin a very comfy feeling area to relax and just hang out. Thank you Mads and Ava for this weeks video. Take care and stay well.

  • Digital switching is excellent for simplifying wiring and reducing the amount of wire on the boat. It is also nice for timed activity such as turning on running lights at night if AIS is enabled; and if AIS is off turning on the anchor light. Meanwhile for something like pumps, it will let you know how often and how long they run.

  • Nice video

  • It would be cool to have the ability to remotely operate your chart plotter and all its systems on some type of apple watch app

  • will you have red interior lighting for night sailing?

  • seems maybe a air pump to make bubbles to keep ice from touching the nice hull might be in order?

  • Mads, it's awesome how quickly the forward cabin is taking shape, you'll be calling it home in no time. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Mads, your command of English, including idioms, is really amazing. Here's a small thing though - when you say "plucking away" the actual idiom is "plugging away". Keep up the good work!

    • @peter Engel :)

    • You are right about plugging way but in these times with so many people raising chickens, one could be plucking away.

  • Not sure what your plan is for a mattress in the V berth, but I saw some other folks use a nice memory foam, cut to size. The excess could be used on your chart table bench or elsewise, and your V berth will be super comfy!

  • The love cave, AKA the V-berth will be much warmer and homey with more brightwork. Bright bed linens and plenty of LED downlighting will make it comfy and esthetically pleasing. You are getting so close to being able to move in. I bet the sharks are starting to circle around Obylix with an anticipated for sale listing coming soon.

  • Why is the shell on the V birth looking red on the left side? External lights?

  • Finally we meet Ava. It is always important to have a woman’s agreement on these issues!

  • Always good to add security to digital switching, ensure you don’t start the rocket launcher by accident. Only when the radar detects a spanish trawler in hiding with AIS shut down (VendeeGlobe)

  • Yay! Thanks for sharing including Ava in the video. Do that more often. It's looking good.

  • Like the varnish and the v berth will likely be easy to maintain

  • Mads could you confirm your ceilings are painted ply (presumably white epoxy) with insulation behind??? We have a 50yo boat needs head liner replaced. Love your videos and can't wait to see how she sails. Regards from Aust (down under).

  • Add the "freezer" supplier website to this page. They need some motivation.

  • Are you going to install lights in the v-berth compartments? Made a ton of difference when i did in my boat. 👍 looking spiffy as heck 👍

  • I am impressed with your tech skill. However, I would recommend you read Bernard moitessier, low tech circumnavigator, real ships log, celestial nav etc!

  • I'm so glad that you mixed up extra sealer. I just wish that your satin was as hard as a rock and there wasn't any around for a few hundred miles. (I like blinding gloss and that looks so good right now.)

  • When planning your electrical wiring, what size bus bars and amps do you choose?

  • The project is exciting expectations. I love the new tech gadgets.

  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

  • The wood in there is going to be amazing. It's looking really awesome in there, can't wait until that freezer gets there. Keep up the great work, she's a Bute Clark...⛵👍👍💚💛🙌

  • Mattius Wandel recommends using a cabinet scraper to knock down imperfections between coats instead of sanding. Not sure if it would make a difference with your sealer...

  • Forward cabin is looking amazing Really enjoyed this episode

  • It is a wise man who checks with his lady before continuing a project.

  • looks good

  • Love what your doing with the boat.. but you know.. you loose me with all the techy talk. I'd want my boat to be as basic and old school as possible.. All that techy crap will fail.. such a waist of money and time. Your boat would be sea worthy by now if you'd skipped the techky gargarbe.. Sorry. just my opinion.. too much reliablility on technical garbage... but thanks for the upload.

    • I enjoy techy stuff it's been a hobby of mine all my life. You are of course free to keep your boat as basic as you want. That's clearly not my plan for Athena. There's nothing wrong with either approach :)

  • Love the work you are doing! You might want to covering the electrical equipment in the forward hanging locker with clear plexiglass. Someone will throw some wet gear in there causing issues and the constant rocking of the boat will cause the hanging clothes to wear against your wiring.