Sail Life - The plan for 2021 & electrical panels - DIY sailboat project

Publicerades den 10 jan 2021
A quick look at the progress made in 2020. The plan for the first 6 months of 2021 and a little bit of DIY fun :)
00:00 Introduction
00:17 A quick look at 2020
05:25 The plan for 2021 (Q1, Q2)
12:18 Electrical panels
18:55 Next week's plan
19:47 Cya!
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  • Super channel. Wondering if Ava/Eva is a figment of his imagination.

  • Well Mat I think it time for you to purchase a wrecked corvette to rebuild

  • Hi Mads: how about a recessed handhold for a door handle? Since there's no latch use magnetic do-dads for holding the door closed. Also, your clothes won't get caught on a door handle when passing through!

  • Wow!

  • Subtítulos en Español...porfavor. El video súper. 🥇

  • 9 month is a heck of a long time. Are you sure Eva was faitful during that time? I dont say this to depress you. Its just staff like that hurts a lot even if you expect it and it would be a shame if a good guy like you get hit with it. Wish you luck.

  • Mads, you probably get this question frequently: how many hours did you log on the project in 2020....?

  • You forgot to include sanding and varnishing the companionway hatch!😁

  • Madds I have used those steel mono element VHF radio antennae on mirror mounts for trucks and 4wd vehicles in the past. Longer examples are susceptible to excessive flexing resulting in harmonic effects and as a consequence they have a tendency to eventually break off at the base. Also I had a base station with a 10db gain antenna mounted on a tall mast where I lived for a while in a remote region of the Australian outback. If memory still serves that far back at my age, then when you use coax cable over a certain length (up a mast for example) it is a good idea to switch to heavier coax with stouter copper shielding for optimum results.

  • 7200 amphours! thats alotta power!

  • Hi. Just became a Patreon. Planning on installing AIS and/or radar?

  • Wow, such amazing progress! Athena is looking great. -Kristy

  • I know you're going to talk about your battery bank soon and you've mentioned lithium. I wondered if you've seen this vlogger's video on adding lead to the system. There are two videos in his series so far and I'm interested in your thoughts on it.

  • Do you post videos on Rumble? Please do. Otherwise I will miss your content.

  • Are we retiring the same day? My last is March 31!!

  • Where to buy bluesea panels in europe?

  • Mads the new Nav Station Panel looks great - so does the DIN track “The term derives from the original specifications published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) in Germany”

  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

  • Looks beautiful - have you recorded the hours you've spended on the refit?

  • I love how you take a big task and crush it into little pieces. Every single task is possible, but the hole thing seems impossible. Thats the way you get things done!

  • incredible! amazing !

  • Ohhh jeg fangede lige mig selv i at tænke at det kunne have været super hvis du have brugt forskellig farve tape (rød, etc) istedet for rød tus eksempelvis =) Tror det havde været nemmere at spotte på videoen... totalt bagatel, men bare lige en tanke =) haha

  • What an amazing job you have done! Admire your work ethic. It also includes your videos ....Looking forward to your projects 2022 and I hope that you can start hanging out with your girl!

  • And caught up. From now on, I'll be here with the rest of the crowd.

  • Mas that list looks a bit daunting but I’ve found I am happiest when I am busy. Look forward to Sunday’s to see your progress.

  • Cool

  • 😀👍⛵️

  • Mads really look forward to your videos - thank you. Will be starting my own similar journey in April and watching you rebuild Athena has been inspirational. Quick question do you use a Digital Angle Finder? What brand would you suggest ?

  • don't get overwhelmed ! really dig how the nav station is looking like. keep up the great work

  • I think it's fair to guess that Jira has touched this mans life. I like the thin "doing" column to limit work! (Great videos btw!)

  • If you have something that I could work on here in Lübeck, I would do that for you!

  • QUESTION: What is the long indented line that runs along both sides of the boat's hull? Is it just for appearance? SUGGESTION: Don't go crazy trying to meet an artificial cruise deadline; finish the job correctly and safely!

  • Can you post on Rumble because I am leaving Google/SEnewss because of their censorship

  • A lot of these are "nice to have" and could be taken off the critical path. For example, do you need a generator AND a high-output alternator AND solar panels? Why not gain some experience and see what you really need?

  • DIN= Deutsches Institut für Normung😊

  • I feel like you only just got to celebrate a little while the victory of the splash! Oh well, back to work for the tasks to cruise! Looking good Mads and I am excited to see you keep knocking down that list from 39 to zero!

  • Amazing content 👏👏👏

  • I love each Video ... Great ! ...

  • Perfect work

  • Mads, you're such a software engineer, that's all I'll say, one software engineer to another.

  • This next phase will be quite interesting

  • Happy New Year. Looking back at what you did last year is an absolute credit to you. Your dedication to the job is 110% and the end result is looking great, well done. I am looking forward to watching the closing stages of your project. Cheers Ian Langley, Auckland, New Zealand. Home of the Americas Cup.

  • Does anyone have a link to the green foam core he used for some of the walls? I'm getting read to do my boat refit, but can't find them anywhere. Thanks in advance.

  • LOVE that you're going to be doing a real electrical wiring organizer program using wireway and DIN rail. I don't understand why more people/boatbuilders don't use this stuff. I use it in industrial automation all the time and it makes for such a clean and easily maintained system. Kudos.

  • Your list looks overwhelming, but just keep in mind how long the list of things you have already ACCOMPLISHED is. You can do it!!

  • 2:13 HAHAHAHA .... I knew it !!!! Ah, Newlyweds.

  • Hej Mads jeg ville lige hører dig, kan man kun købe den hue du har på fra us?

  • Madds! Please make sure, that if You are going to use terminal blocks for DC, the wires will be screwed to the terminal instead of just hold in place with a spring mechanism. I've built few systems that was low voltage, and high contact resistances almost made my company pay a large fine for lack of reliability. Other than that, your videos are always awesome, keep up the good work!

  • As Donald Sutherland famously said in Kellys Heroes - "what's with the negative waves!" - you gotta stop saying you can't get it all done, and git 'er dun! You can do it man, we all know it !

  • Nice year in review, and plans going forward. Wow still a lot of projects in the pipeline. Dizzying, but your the man with a plan :-) Any developments on the Arch project?

  • Thanks for the positive, uplifting video Mads! Great way to start off the week!

  • I was worried I would miss your DIY videos but with all your gadgets on your boat every week you will have to fix something while you are sailing. It's a win win in my book. 👍😂

  • Three months to go!!! Whoop!whoop! So excited for you.👍 from this end it seemed like a pretty quick four years, actually. And now the end/start (?) is right there!! A smashing job with the channel, the boat, etc etc. Heartfelt congratulations Mads.

  • Your workmanship is great, I really enjoy all your videos

  • Är det inte bättre att ha en kombinerad tvättmaskin och torktumlare? Sparar en del plats?

  • why garmin?

  • You should sort the tasks for Ava-approval under “Queen Arrival”.

  • Just great as always.

  • AC and DC Separation is about electrical noise, especially when dealing with electronic signals such as your chart plotter. My understanding is that many of the marine grade items have heavily shielded cables to help allieviate this,'s a boat, not a house. LOL. Gotta hand it to you Mads, I would have been so frustrated and so discouraged by all the trials and issues you've had...and you just keep pushing on. I freaked out over blowing $25USD on a project that failed miserably, and I just look and say "that was $25...that was 3 days of groceries, that was gas for the car, that was emergency savings if sh!t goes sideways, and I just burned it up". Yea, projects and me are usually "I really want to do that, but what if it fails, I just threw out a bunch of money for nothing". Love what you do, and really hope you get to Michigan in your voyages! We have some amazing shipwrecks to discover here!

  • Mads, you've really have a most successful year, making tremendous progress. 2021 sure sounds as though it's going to be very busy... but we know you're up for it! Cheers!!

  • Are you considering rounding off the corners of the lid of the fridge? It would lessen the pain when you bump into it while at sea.

  • That was a tour de force Mads and a superb demonstration of some of the epic work you have done and just a peek at some of the frustrations (generator and boiler). The electrical panel looks fantastic and your proposed use of the trunking and DIN rail should ensure a very spiffy arrangement. Regarding the self adhesive tie rap mount doohickeys - they are a good idea but to be honest I have never had a great deal of luck with them staying stuck for longer than 6 months. Anyhoo with the forthcoming and prodigious amount of cabling you are going to have to run and keep spiffy I have a recommendation for you which you may wish to investigate and consider. It is demonstrated on this video: Here is one supplier but I am sure there are others Are you going to number the cables at the DIN rail? Good luck for 2021 - I am sure you will continue to make impressive progress against your ambitious list. When Ava joins you it will increase your labour force by 100% and with giving up your day job too maybe that is effectively 150% so that augers for success.

  • I AM STARTING TO THING YOU MIHHT COMPLEAT THIS BULD....................................REGARDS R

  • Is there a video where you have gone through how you're going to set up your internet connectivity on the boat? I'd be really interested to see this.

  • Nu så jeg du ville sætte din RUTX11 i elpanelet, jeg har prøvet flere forskellige mulige monteringer (med en RUT950). Bl.a. antenne i mastetop med lowloss kabel (22m). Men er endt i at jeg nok bestiller en sådan en her: for at få rækkevide på GSM/3G/LTE og det hele ikke bliver spist i antennekabel tab.. JUST FYI

  • Wow that's allot of work you have going on there are you doing the fibro glass first to get that task out of the way? That will be a. If one. Can't wait for the next on take care now. Australia

  • Doing great. You may consider some striping. Without the hull windows, the hull looks to have lots of freeboard.

  • Hello from Ontario Canada! In typical boat building fashion, as one list ends, yet another begins. You’ve made amazing progress so far and I really like how it’s coming together! Keep it up.

  • Good luck with all the tasks!

  • Wowza! Glorious glorious projects. You will be busy.

  • How is your pup would love to see him.

  • While you're doing electronics, look for an external gps/antenna for a garmin inreach so you can leave it semi-permnantely mounted at/near the nav station and connected to the wifi when you're offshore :-)

  • Love the technology.

  • I do not think I have ever mentioned how your obsessive attention to detail has influenced me for my everyday life when facing any task. Thank you for the inspiration and the videos. I think I talk for everyone when I say how happy We are to see that you are getting into the 'Final' details, ;)...See you.

  • The Panel Looks like a professional put it together! Congratulations. Hope you and Eva get together soon. Covid shouldn't stop true love!!!

  • hi the boat is looking good

  • Here’s a silly question. My wife and I had a fight ones. What’s that like when you’re in the middle of the ocean? Do you have a second place to sleep?

  • You will have a much better than new boat when your list is completed.

  • "Mads conquered Mount Everest - just kidding, he build a boat"

  • I dub the Mr, Spiffy ..... I think that we should turn it into a drinking game. .... every time that you say spiffy ... everyone take a shot .... 😄...⛵💕🌠

  • This is great! I pop in to occasionally catch up on your boat. Great timing though, as I'm plotting to rewire my own sailboat (a much smaller 7.9m!). Using DIN rails is a good idea, I'll happily borrow it ;-).

  • Our lists aren't that dissimilar. Our timelines Are. Good luck Mads.

  • Thank you for the great content as always. You scope of project is a bit scary. I wish you success.

  • You should definitely sell Sail Life T shirts that say "Pretty Dang Spiffy"

    • He did/does and i have one!

  • And, you also take time away from working on the boat to set up, write, film, edit, render and publish this weekly content beside working a day job. Mads, you are super-human!

  • Amazing

  • Enjoying your videos. Love the storyboard on the bulkhead. Have a similar list for my project Beneteau 361. Hope your able to get through most of those cards.

  • A suggestion would be to go without a generator. A high output externally regulated engine alternator, like the one planned, would suffice with the lithium batteries. Maybe add a couple of extra batteries and extra solar. The lithium batteries easily handle deep discharge and much faster charge rates.

  • Love how this is coming out, and yes, you will work your ass off getting most of it all done before Eva arrives.......but this is Mads we are talking it’s it rock on

  • Loved the progress update. When you mount the wifi/cell router, I would suggest that you ensure the antennas are oriented vertically, not horizontally.

  • Very Good job she is coming about!

  • You should strongly consider combining your solar arch with Bimini in design. You'll be spending a lot of time in wet climates and it really helps.Good to shelter you form sun too if you sail south.

  • I had no idea it was called a “stripper pole” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1. You and Ava are embarking on a partnership. Leave enough undone so that she can feel like a real partner in the endeavor. So she can say "We" did that or "I" did that. 2. If you should suddenly notice smoke billowing out from around the electrical panel you probably don't want to take time searching around for a key with which to open it. 3. Speaking of electrical panel, the gap around the plywood panel bothered me. Perhaps some spiffy little mahogany trim is in order.

  • Why not just a washer/dryer? All the space gained, is room to put more junk... keep safe. Kind regards.

  • Mads, you are honestly a get it done sort of guy, if anybody can self start, stay orgnized(enough), and do the work it is you. I have faith you will surprise yourself.

  • Lol@ stripper pole😂😂

  • need some small removable cleaning board and a spicket in the cockpit......I always see cruisers clean fish in the cockpit get blood everywhere. don't forget you will be catching fish and you will need a big freezer in addition to the food you already have in there, maybe a seperate seafood freezer. I knew a couple lived on a trawler they told me 1st thing get a seperate freezer for all the seafood you will catch

  • DIN-rail terminal; excellent way to go. Looking forward to your electrical/lithiums/inverter install, Mads!

  • I enjoyed this video! 😁