Sail Life - Garmin marine electronics test, clothing locker & vberth

Publicerades den 24 jan 2021
In this video, I continue work on the forward cabin and finally get to test all the Garmin marine electronics mounted in the mast:
- Garmin Fantom 18 radar
- Garmin wind instrument
- Garmin GC 200 camera at the top of the mas
- Garmin 922xs chart plotter
Here are the videos where I installed everything in the mast:
Garmin Fantom 18:
Garmin GC200 camera:
00:00 Introduction
00:27 Plan for the week
01:35 v-berth, remove the old foam
02:51 v-berth supports
06:01 Finishing the clothing locker
06:58 Washer & dryer area
08:55 Garmin marine electronics
09:27 Garmin 922xs chartplotter
12:35 Garmin GMS10 network port expander
13:39 Garmin Fantom 18 radar
14:23 Garmin GND10 & wind instrument
14:53 Garmin GC200 camera
16:55 The camera works!
19:01 CYA!
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  • Hi Mads. Where did you get those fuse holders doohickies from? And what are they called?

  • I;ve been wanting to put a night vision camera on the pull pit of my boat for years..I couldn't justify the cost of a FLIR system. (my boat is not that expensive )looking forward to the upcoming videos to see how well it works....

  • Happy Birthday my friend, our birthdays are not to far apart, mine is Jan 15th. Have fun and love that wonderful lady of yours, as I said, she's a keeper.

  • Happy 40th! Great job!

  • Double level hanging for ladies

  • I really don't want this guy to go sailing. Please, find him another rotten boat. Sorry, I'm selfish. Best channel ever.

  • Happy birthday😎

  • Curious, I heard you mention that your lithium batteries are being shipped from China. Do you have more info on them, the company, shipping charges etc? Thanks in advance.

  • Love the camera set up at least you can see if anything goes wrong up there

  • Love the latest video. Your stuff gets better and better; very entertaining, great fun to watch.

  • can you give me the manufacture of the Din Rail fuse holder you used. I cant seam to source it?

  • Not bad I have been watching you for years and I must say for a while I stopped just to skip ahead and I was was surprised to see how far you have come, I left off when you were completing the stove compartment, I have a 1997 Hunter 310, she sails okay, I been a sailor 2016 till now, I dont know if I have the courage to refit with the detail as you are displaying, but you are fun to watch. outstanding job so far.

  • Welcome to the just turned 40 club. Boat is coming along great!!

  • Tillykke med fødselsdagen her fra Holland. Ked af at du må fejre den uden din kæreste. Et par måneder mere og så ses i igen. I mellemtiden ville jeg takke dig for alle dine fantastiske film som er meget inspirerende og både på vores havn og i Contessa fora blevet legendariske! Tusind tak og endnu engang tillykke!!! 🇩🇰🍾⛵️

  • Did you consider placing a 360 degree camera somewhere LD deck or on the mast?

  • It’s nice to see it all coming together so nicely. Well done Mads. 👍

  • Mads, I'm not very sure how all the instruments work together, however, does the GMS 10 create a single point of failure that will take your instruments down?

  • ""THICKENED EPOXY"" Take your shots now! I've been suggesting a mast mounted camera too a number of sailing channels in the last two years, so i will be watching to see how you like yours. Remember to have a polarized filter fitted too it, so that you can use it for navigating narrow shallow passages into reef areas. CHEERS Steve h.

  • Cool camera angle!

  • Why no insulation on the forward cabin hull? A big source of humidity coupled with a cool hull will mean lots of condensate moisture going on up there.

  • Another great video. Happy Birthday Mads! I will also turn 40 in about 3 weeks 😉 Greetings from Sweden!

  • Nice Carhart tuxedo!

  • Dude your way better with this stuff than most of these other boat channels that just botch crap together.

  • O Glorious software updates !

  • I really enjoy each and every one of your video's. You are a natural instructor and have a natural ability to explain things. Pretty Darn Spiffy!!!

  • All well Mads BUT, those loooong screws under the hatch above v berth ? Aren't they give you a headache, literally and metaphorically? And the image of the mast camera, can it turn 90 degrees?

  • I think I want to live in Denmark-boating year round. As always, a very “spiffy” video. You do really good work although I found the drawer construction a bit of overkill. I recognize, though, that you needed structural strength for the bulkhead that people might lean on or be thrown against. As always, very entertaining.

  • Just wanted to give you a tip that you could just use any type of network switch for that. Considering that it is a sailboat that will see some harsh conditions, I get that it might feel safer with an original waterproof switch though. But you could put in an extra normal switch for the non-essential stuff. I have Raymarine, and they let you use pretty much any IP-camera (Garmin probably does too), so you can buy a $20 camera for the engine bay etc. They use proprietary plugs for their “RayNet” but it’s possible to terminate with RJ45. I’ve made it so that I can bypass the switch with a RJ45 coupler, so the radar can be connected directly, should the switch fail (Ubiquity Flex Mini, 5V). Btw, look up STP splice (without RJ45).

  • Boat is looking good,its been awhile since I watched cause my mom passed away back in October of last year but im all caught up now.

  • Very much looking forward to seeing you splash! Great content, as always.

  • You call it a refit, I'd call it a remanufacturing.

  • Such good progress. If you had 2 cameras on the top of the mast looking down on each side of the boat you would have almost a 360 deg view of everything.

  • Firstly.. Congratulations! you've managed to stay on the planet for forty laps of the sun and you haven't fallen off yet... May you have at least as many more again, if not more laps as you think you'll need to get things done before you do fall off... that said.. I hope you'll Excuse me but I've a couple of questions please... Sorry to interrupt but when you removed those panels of mould posing as vinyl panelling in the v berth, or for that matter any of Athena's "original" internal insulation or protective layers, and then sanded down the surfaces in preparation for the replacement lining elements, such as your million dollar mahogany, did you use any chemical products to inhibit future mould regrowth? if not then why not?.. well done so far you've done a bang up job.. you'll be shipshape in Bristol fashion (or maybe for you Copenhagen) in no time.

  • Awesome work Mads!

  • I’m really enjoying seeing how all of your hard work is coming together. Great job.

  • I think its good idea for u to get starlink internet for athena its gona be rly good for future open sea or ocean use to have internet conection 😊

  • Well Happy Birthday!

  • Sanding,check,Epoxy..check,electronics..check,a spiffy episode indeed

  • 1) what happened to the Maretron Weather Station - I have one and it’s great! 2) Those dungarees are getting a little tight... 😝

  • happy birthday mads. i'm glad i got to see the camera working. is it rotational?

  • You have always been a highly qualified tech guy but now you are officially a highly skilled cabinet maker. Though what you make cabinet wise is not something you would install in a multi million dollar home’s kitchen, your understanding of the process is so complete that if you wanted to make that a full time career choice people would pay you to build elegant cabinets.

  • He Is Very Good

  • The Garmin electronics looks awesome. Awaiting my new Garmin chartplotter, radar, and auto pilot. Your installation is giving me the confidence in the decision to go with Garmin. Enjoy all your vids. Keep them coming!

  • I love Doohickey ‘s. Congratulations on the electronics.

  • Luv the nav station, especially the fuse holder. My 1st time seeing those. Happy 40th coming up 👍🏻

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! cheers to you and shes looking good there buddy keep up the great work your inspiring cruisers all around the world ,

  • Garmin is a great company!! The HQ is in Olathe, Kansas, which is very near to me. I have watched that company grow over the years.

  • Can I buy your boat when you’re done with it? Lol

  • Happy birthday 🎂 great video and really enjoying the progress your making. Was cool to see the footage from top of mast. 😀

  • Please double check the fuses. Almost looks like this one is not completely pushed in. A little OCD kicking in here. Cool project and very clear video!

  • Of all that I love the mast camera the most. I feel like when you eventually end up in a location that isn't chartered the best you have a bird's eye view to better see underwater obstructions. Great for slow going and picking your way through a reef system. Also, if it has motion sensing technology there is the possibility for use as part of a security system. I love it. 😎

  • Thank you, Happy birthday young man....

  • You can get very powerful infrared "illuminator" floodlights and spotlights that can almost light up the entire marina using very little power. They are surprisingly cheap too. :-)

  • It took us 3 months to just load up for cruising and cast off the lines. That was after 2 winters of full-time refittting on the hard. Moving from a smaller boat into a bigger one should hopefully make that transition easier & faster for you guys. Remember that everything takes literally at least 10x longer to do when you are living on a boat and that is worse yet for a couple than a single person. Once moved-in together nothing big will ever get done unless it is an emergency fix and there will never be time or space to do it "right" ever again unless you move out of the boat to do it. I really hope you are not rushing the living aboard and your start of cruising. Renting a little appartment and totally finishing all the last-minute projects is an idea you should at least consider. Not finishing the sole/flooring before you move aboard means it will never get finished in your lifetimes. Pam and Andy Wall moved aboard Kandarik without finishing the sole and it was still unfinished 30 years later. Best intentions and everything...

  • Alas Mold only I was hoping for maybe some bundles of cash or other un-named packages....:P

  • Mads a small recommendation for laundry, the company Tru Earth (in Canada) make Laundry soap strips so no liquid. We keep them on our boat. A years supply fit in a 5 by 7 box. You are getting close.,

  • Amazing. Tick tick tick tick. So many milestones. Well done Mads. I can't wait to see the mast camera looking out over an exotic anchorage.

  • Mads, looking good. Those electronics are great!

  • Are you going to be able to reach inside of the dryer to empty it with it located that far back? Maybe put it on a sliding shelf to pull forward to load and unload?

  • Love your videos. Look forward to them each week.

  • For the exposed wall above the washing machine: if you have additional mahogany slats it would look nice and tie the whole space together aesthetically to match the room’s walls; from the door to the V-berth forward is “your suite” and matched walls would be an elegant touch.

  • I am getting already sad, soon you will have completed all the project and will be off to sail the world and I cannot see you tinkering so expertly. This is a great refit !

  • yaay brilliant :)

  • While the fuseholders are neat i think dc circuit breakers would be a much option if only for the reason that you don't need a supply of various fuses floating around on the off chance something happens

  • Hey, Mads, I'm so happy for you that the splicing that you did on the camera cable up inside the mast was well done! Good going on everything, and especially the electronics as that's quite complicated. Congrats, all around my friend!

  • Yes, I yet again enjoyed the video and left another like. I would love to know the total cost of Athena when she is more or less finished (no boat is ever totally finished) She is now one hell of a vessel, the only one like it in the world - priceless. See youuu.

  • If you put no insulation on the hull, there will be a lot of condensation, no ??

  • Great to see Athena coming to life - I think I was as pleased as you to see the masthead camera firing up! Oh and Happy Birthday for next week from the UK!!

  • Think you are doing a brilliant job. Really enjoy looking at your videos.

  • 2:36 That's the first time you have ever got lucky with Athena, Mads! :-)

  • Happy birthday. Keep up the great "somewhat extensive" refit. Just terrific

  • Great progress all the tec dohickies will be amazing when you start sailing just remember to maintain wind instruments at the top of the mast 👍

  • I guarantee you that you will never use the dryer

  • I like your style. That nav hub wind thrown win throne electro helm network nest radar readout optic locker mast r peace is fantastic. -✌🏼

  • Happy Birthday! 🇩🇰 time to grow that beard out again! ;)

  • Hey Mads, why didn't you just get a regular (and faster) network switch rather than the GMS-10?

  • hi, i did ask this before but why didnt you get a washer / dryer combo? would take up less room.

  • Respect 😀love your work - very informative

  • Happy birthday, thank you for your videos, ill live vicariously through you since i am not sure when I will be able to get my own vessel, someday.

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  • Happy Birthday! May your 40th year be auspicious to match your awesome progress to date. I have greatly enjoyed your projects, work ethic, video skills, technical prowess, emphasis on living life, care for your dog Hercule, you got the idea, etc. Save all that for my first comment in years from a life long dry sailer at 77. Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  • Happy Birthday young Man!

  • No insulation in the v berth?

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  • I really love your Garmin setup

  • Hey Mads. Looking so awesome. One of the selling points for the boat I bought was the awesome Garmin system that had just been installed on it. Less than 6 months old. Took it out for a test sail and Wow! Everything was so cool and the auto pilot was amazing. Bought the boat just to find out that everything is registered to the previous owner and all of his passwords and linked to his phone and tablet. I can’t access it and unavailable to contact him so I have a completely useless system and I am told by Garmin that if I want a system like what is on the boat I will have to buy another one. No access to Active Captain or anything. Needless to say I am not happy with the Garmin experience.

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