Sail Life - Getting started on the toe rail / mini bulwark

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
One of the items on the "must finish list" before Ava and I can untie the lines is the new toe rail or "mini bulwark". This week I install the brackets for that and also get started on the battery compartment in the aft cabin.
00:00 Hi guys!
00:09 Update on the count downs
00:30 Plan for this week
01:00 Athena's new toe rail
06:27 All brackets installed
07:15 Measuring for new tracks
09:36 Obelix is sold
10:09 Back to the tracks...
12:10 Backing plate for windlass
13:13 Measuring for new water tank
14:50 Battery compartment in aft cabin
19:58 CYA
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  • For maximum strength under the anchor winch it would, perhaps, be better to build down, under the deck, with extra (Oh Joy) Fiberglass so the plate is flat underneath the winch and bolts can pull straight down.

  • The staysails track should be able to be bent vertically by starting bolting at the middle and slowly bolting more bolts, moving outward.

  • Where’s your dog?

  • Have u looked into 3d head sail sheeting it used zero friction rings and there are a lot less holes but a lot more tripping hazards

    • I see them called floating jib leads in eu websites more of a racing thing but they work so much better than track systems and knowing u just replaced the deck figured u might enjoy putting fewer holes in it

  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

  • Anyone else play that game called Battleship? B9 you have just sunk Mads battleship.

  • O my, this will be a really great boat!!

  • Mads, the Toe rail ? It looks weak. Moore info please. You might have a saftey line. But you don´t want too go overboard !!! Any example of a boat with that toe rail ? When mounted, give it a heavy jump from 2 m. Becuse it´s going to happen. And it´s not going to be on a sunny day.

  • Hej Mads - hvis dit ankerspil ikke er solgt er jeg interesseret :) vh. Aske Ps. Du er for sej!

  • I see you have an auto pilot. Are you not going to use the wind vane steering ?

  • The windlass, is it 24V or 12V? I watched again, and it's 12V, that means I'm very much interested.

  • Hej Mads, kommer du til at putte en stribe lags siden af skibet?

  • I am concerned about the winch having a block at the end of track, there will be a lot of pressure and danger of ripping the end of track op/out, did have that problem with my Kaskelot and Peter said to install a block further back from winch . Use a foot block mounted on an angle. Ole

  • We see you 👀 looking at other you tube sailing channels( Nothing wrong with that, as long as your still working on Athena at the same time. 😉

  • Made, which video do you describe the Lithium batteries you are using?

  • Since Butyl tape does not harden, what’s the point to waiting to tighten the nuts? I’ve always viewed butyl tape as something I’d never use and now I can see why. There’s a lot of leverage there, I’d use larger backing blocks

  • Your batteries are 300ah x 8, or 2400ah, not sure why you keep saying 7000+ ah

  • How on hell are you living on Athena right now without a water tank? 😂

  • Someone else noticed the flowers in the galley?! Where is Ava? :) :) :) :)

  • What's happened to Jokull?

  • Mads, I believe mounting the wood bulwarks on the inside of the mounting bracket would be a better solution, as far as safety goes. while healing over hard, a lot of pressure is put on the bulwark, while walking fore/aft, better to be relying on the bracket than the Just a thought. Well that was sad, seeing Obelix sailing away :-/

  • Selling anything you used to live in for a time is hard, but to your future with Eva is well worth it! Good job! Aloha!

  • If only Oregon were near Denmark! Been looking for a cheap windlass for ages.

  • Looking great. Awesome news you sold your yacht. I'd like to know half as much as you do.

  • Hej Mads, hvad skal det der slidte ankerspil koste? :D

  • Nice, are you going to visit Britain before going to the US?

  • Another interesting video, thanks Mads. I’m about to start my own channel,what software to you use to edit? I’ll mostly be using a GoPro. Your English is excellent but for the very first time in all the episodes to date, and I’ve watched them all, you have made a grammatical error. You hang fenders from a guardrail not off off. Hope you don’t mind the English lesson. If you ever come to the South coast of the UK the drinks Re on me. Good luck with the ever approaching dead line. 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Nice work. Any thoughts on doing a nylon nut on the back of the stanchion bases, or potentially double nuts to ensure they do not back out?

  • I am just getting to this video. We closed on out boat and have been loaded with boat projects.

  • Hi Mads, you don´t need 2cm clearance between deck and bulwark for water to clear the deck. Thus it might be sensible to lower the clearance, maybe 1 cm?, in order to stop screwdrivers and sunglasses from skipping overboard.. just saying.

  • Jib / genoa sheets and chafing - had you considered the system on the Hallberg Rassy 34 - a flush-mounted turning block mounted aft of the winch, see photos in link ?

  • I am glad to see you taking your time deciding how to cool / heat your battery compartment. Many times that is overlooked and the results can be both expensive (shortened life of battery due to heat and cold), and unsafe (possible thermal runaway and fire).

  • Mads, if you're going to use a track inside your shroud, you'll probably want some attachment point outside the shroud to sheet out your headsail on close to broad reaches, which means you'll need some attachment point on the rail anyway, unless I'm mistaken and there's some other solution on the warrior.

  • Concerning leading the genoa sheets to the winch it is important that the sheet meets the angled base of the winch at roughly the same angle. One other thing is that you don't want to step on the sheet when leaving the cockpit because this is insecure footing . A good solution therefore is to have a block behind the winch. That way the genoa rail needs only be long enough to accommodate its lead block, from there the sheet runs to that aft block and up to the winch. You only need to install an eye bolt and a single block connected to it by a soft shackle.

  • Mads, why was your phone's clock display set to 24 hour Military time? Is this boat building a cover for your Jaeger Corps position? lol

  • I was just reading up on buying an old boat compared to a newer one. One person asked when is a boat just too old to buy and this was the answer from an old salt with many miles under his belt ... " And finally if you decide to buy an old fiberglass boat, and find one with the bilges painted white, buy it. It does nothing for the boat, but you have say to yourself that you should buy her because any man that would love a boat so much that he went through the trouble to paint the bilge white must have enjoyed this boat and taken great care of her no matter what her age." As soon as I read that paragraph, I thought of Mad's boat that's for sale... haha

  • Mads, get in touch with a sailmaker about where to put the sailtracks.

  • Mads, perhaps you should consider installing plates for sea anchor/drogue. Since you already are in the lasercutting businesses and now when you have access, on the inside of the boat.

  • Where is your dog 🐶

  • I can't believe that your refit is coming to an end. It's sad but there comes a time in every boats life that the work needs to be finished up so she can experience the open seas like she was designed to do. It's so awesome you will have Ava to enjoy your journey with. Exploring is bun by your self but it is so much better with companion. I really liked watching your refit from beginning to end and learned a lot along the way. I know it's crazy but if you still have that old Windlass when you come threw Florida, USA I would gladly drive or sail to where your are and buy it from you. Mine was damaged in a hurricane. I had the motor rebuilt but the gearbox has something wrong with it and sometimes locks up so I have to tap the shaft coming out of the gypsy with a hammer to get her moving again. Once she is moving that old windlass is strong. It's so old that I can't get parts for it anymore. I need to replace the Windlass...I would never get my 65lb Mantis Anchor with 200 foot of chain up if she goes out. It would also be awesome to have a piece of Athena on my boat. Like I said I know it would be crazy to do it intentionally but if by chance it would be cool...LOL I know the feeling of seeing you home of so many year departing was hard. A boat becomes part of you even though you know you had to let her continue her adventure without you. Keep living the dream!

  • The tulips are very nice.

  • Oh boy She's looking good. Seems like with your to-do list each vertical list can be done in 2 week increments with plenty of time to relax, and make her super spiffy..👍👍💚⛵⛵⛵

  • That was a somewhat short Farewell to one of the most famous sailboats in SEnewssLand. All the best to the new Owner of Obelix.

  • Don't know how you do it. The amount of work you are able to accomplish, including producing a video for your SEnewss channel (filming, editing, documenting) AND working a full time job and living your personal life. Wow 👏

  • Har du solgt ankerspillet? Lort jeg ikke vidste om det, da jeg hentede min båd i Skive, og hilste på dig ved dieselpumpen. Jeg er interesseret i det, hvis det stadig er til salg, og perfekt hvis vi kan fixe det omgående, da jeg skal på værft denne uge, og kunne få den monteret der, og det kunne sendes med GLS.

  • Hej Mads, I would definitely consider 3D-sheeting for the genoa, eliminating the need for a genoa-track whilst being able to fully control your sail trim, better than with a traditional track. Position each 3D-point a few dm ahead of where the sheet would touch deck. You will easily be able to add/reduce sail twist to enhance light wind and hard wind performance, as being able to sheet very close hauled or maintaining an efficient sail shape even when opening up the angles to a beam or broad reach. This is vital for comfortable and safe sailing and not just a performance thing. As for the self tacking jib, the ideal track shape would be a radius with the center about halfway up the forestay. A track following the deck shape would not have an ideal shape.

  • Sundays wouldn't be the same without our favourite program........what's the bear called?

  • One thing about the UK, you get the weather you don’t want ;-)

  • Your water-tank needs a breather.. also, having to adjust your genoa turning blocks without any control lines from the cockpit is gonna be a pain in the you know what every time you reef or un-reef it.

  • Nice touch with the flowers Mats, my wife likes it!

  • Sorry Admiral, back to the captains mess. :P

  • I guess the new owner is going to have a awesome summer in the danish south sea.

  • Hi, I've been following you since the first days of your refit. I admit I get a little nervous now when I hear that you only have 90 days until your sweetheart comes on board. :) By the way, beautiful tulips in the background, happy Easter :) Greetings Klaus

  • Hej Mads. Nu fik jeg skrevet en besked på instagram inden jeg fattede at skrive her 😂 Hvor meget vil du have for dit ankerspil og er det til en 10mm kæde? Vi bor i Løgstør, så det er jo lidt tæt på 😄 vi kan kontaktes her eller på Tak for nogle gode videoer, med godt indhold. Sagt på nordjysk, så er de udemærkede 👌🏻 Mvh Line //Familien Lauth

  • Hi, where yukol?

  • Hi Mads, It's a common misconception that Li-ion is harmed below 0°C. That's actually the critical threshold where self-combustion is a very likely outcome. They can be harmed at much higher temperatures. Pretty much they're happy at 20°C. They get damaged above 30°C from overheat and are exothermic above C2 so using them will make them hot and then they can be damaged below 10°C if you are using high C rates. Li-ion plating happens when the electrons are traveling faster than the li-ion and causes permanent damage. This is a phenomenon of the relationship between charge rate and temperature. Hence temperature feedback proportional charger foldback control is highly desireable. Toyota have published some studies on it. Here's a picture: The upshot is in Ireland all year round my many and varied battery installations are ~10°C or lower (same as the recommended motor oil viscosity oddly enough), given the price per kWh comparison and the finickiness of my LiFePO4 I can actually in practical applications charge & discharge lead faster, have equal service life and better efficiency. There's a 2% round trip efficiency difference I've observed between lead and li-ion. That goes out the window and LFP takes a dive when you start adding active thermal management and throttling chargers according to temperature. Good look with the BMS...I've spent years building one. I definitely won't be ever buying more LFP. Looking forward to your take on best installation of this can of worms. Kind regards, Liam.

    • There's a lottov useful information here on Li-ion Mads. Much of which isn't broadcast by promoters but users would benefit from knowing. I would say LiFeP04 is inordinately difficult to make work. Good thing you're highly capable.

  • Mads, by the time I hear you say, "sea youuuuu" at the end of each video, my head is spinning with detail overload. I mean this in a good way...thanks for all the great content.

  • Sailing Zingaro had a near sinking due to a failed transducer in the hull and his batteries ended up under water leaving no power. He suggested keeping batteries higher. What's your thoughts?

  • Is that a teddy bear?

  • What happened to your dog?

    • He has mentioned it in the comments many times over the last several months...jokul is hanging out with a friend on a farm, with a female icelandic sheep dog, making puppies possibly.

  • Curious, shouldn't you really overdrill and epoxy fill those holes? It seems it's inevitable that the seal will fail. Then you will get water into the hull at the top that could spread out and cause rot. With epoxy filled this would not happen. EDIT: Nvm it's solid fiberglass haha

  • Mads attention to detail is well worth noting to anyone who's thinking about restoring a boat . There's lots of consideration involved Athena's going to be a great cruising boat !

  • Where is your dog now?

    • He has mentioned it in the comments many times over the last several months...jokul is hanging out with a friend on a farm, with a female icelandic sheep dog, making puppies possibly.

  • How much of the punch list do you have to do before you depart?? Because there's a lot to do on that list. And you don't half ass anything, which is the main reason we love the channel, but it takes a long time to get these items done.

  • nice to see you have some tulips to brighten up the place. Happy Eastern!

  • Oh with water tank, I do not pressurise my SS tanks, if you must vent higher, then vent it to sink, no higher.

  • My boat has 12ft of genoa track but I only use 1ft *, particularly with high cut #2 seldom need to move genoa car, can't think of a reason for long genoa track, suggest sailmaker would know optimum position, same for inner stay sail if you have one. * long genoa tracks were common with hank on sails but now no need.

  • Hej Mads. Virkelig god kanal, sidder og glæder mig hver søndag da vi selv er igang med en 35 fods stålbåd, specielt glæder jeg mig til du skal videre med bad og toilet. Ankerspillet du har i overskud nu, hvor stor kæde tager det, og hvad er prislejet?

  • Fleet cut in half hahaahahaaa

  • Hi Mads, I've recently purchased a 40 year old VD Stadt 31ft steel boat. Its in good shape but I want to upgrade electric circuits, batteries, solar etc. Where can find detail of what you have done with Athena's electrcal systems

  • Hi Mads, a bit late to bring this up, but have you thought about side "gates" to allow climbing on and off the boat easier in the dock? I get no end of complaints from my wife that her legs are too short to leap over the stanchion wires!!

  • As a point of information I installed the silicone heating pads on my 120 volt Lithium battery banks. I programmed an Arduino to monitor the temps.

  • Will you put a heat -fire alarm under the bunk .

  • I see you are planning to use a s/s backing plate for your windlass. When I fitted a new windlass, the instructions said NOT to use a metal backing plate and to use a timber one. The reason given was to avoid electrolytic actions between the two metals-any thoughts?

  • Curious if you ever considered removing the staysail boom and going with a more modern self tacking jib setup? This would free up the forward deck space while at anchor etc.? Cheers

  • The battery install will look really good, but I'd be so worried about Lithium cells on a boat. Those things take a life on their own when they begin heating up and catch fire....

  • Where's your dog?

    • He has mentioned it in the comments many times over the last several months...jokul is hanging out with a friend on a farm, with a female icelandic sheep dog, making puppies possibly.

  • Are u adding 360 degree view cam for your boat to view far away things or infra cam ??

  • Great video, Thanks

  • you probably aware of this, but you can't charge lithium directly from your engine alternator. if you do, you blow up the alternator. Just a tip. I got lifepo4 cells installed just a view months ago on my liveaboard ship. you can find the build at instagram and facebook 'motorvessel Anne'.

  • Smashing episode!!!

  • I think I would go for a self-tacking jib

  • You could reference your older videos to see the previous deck layout.

  • Boat is looking nice but it would be real nice to see some of the actual work instead of 20 minutes of talk

  • Don't forget to vent that shiny new tank, Mads! Keep up the good work!

  • Legend, keep up the good work!

  • Love your videos. Have been following your channel many years now. And I must remind you to use ear protection Mads! It`s insanely loud when you use that circular saw...

  • Congratulations on selling the boat I’m sure it was hard to let go.

  • Be sure to make the tracks long enough to allow for a new larger set of sails which would want the car to be further aft, and to reef in (or get a set of storm sails) that would need the car further forward. Too long is much better than too short.

  • Drinking game in Australia every time we hear the words "pretty dang spiffy". Cheers!

  • A Utuber , who has a channel and is brilliant with all things battery. His name is Will prouse and he’s super nice and helpful and quite top of the game. Check him out

  • Lookin spiffy

  • Enough emotions and wallowing let’s get back to the tracks -> that was hilarious!

  • Enough wallowing in emotions for now.........I about died laughing, thanks Mads you made my day.

  • Congratulation on selling Obelix. :)

  • Anyone that thinks those stanchion bases look expensive should see the stunning price of new aluminium ones. Specifically constructed for galvanic fun with their stainless fitting bolts and stanchions.

  • Is there a synthetic material to use instead of the wood? Much less maintenance if you can find a suitable material.

  • I gotta feeling that toe rail is going to look really nice. Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin USA

  • Mads, where is Jokull? Have I missed something?

    • He has mentioned it in the comments many times over the last several months...jokul is hanging out with a friend on a farm, with a female icelandic sheep dog, making puppies possibly.

  • Glad the Obelix sale went OK for you!